Saturday, September 3, 2016

Werner Hedman - I skyttens tegn AKA In the Sign of the Sagittarius (1978)


Secret Albanian rocket plans have been stolen and Albanian, Chinese, Russian and Danish agents converge on Tangier to recover them. The thieves have hidden the microfilm in a make-up compact and booby-trapped other three compacts. The Danish agent KB Andersen scoops up the compacts during a brawl in a nightclub and hides them among the passengers on his flight back to Copenhagen - making them the targets of the various dangerous agents. This is the last Danish erotic zodiac comedy out of six. One of the main actresses, Anna Bergman, is the daughter of Ingmar Bergman.

Starring: Ole Søltoft, Gina Janssen, Anna Bergman, Poul Bundgaard, Karl Stegger, André Chazel, Lee Fong Wong, Søren Strømberg, Paul Hagen, Arthur Jensen, Ib Mossin, Kate Mundt & Else Petersen.

Subtitles:English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian