Monday, March 27, 2017

Tatsumi Kumashiro - Ichijo Sayuri: Nureta yokujo AKA Ichijo Sayuri: Following Desire (1972)


Set in a variety theater in the center of Osaka, a young strip-tease artist, Harumi (Hiroko Isayama), has had enough of the lesbian act she performs with Mari, and is eager to start up her own joint. Unfortunately, her yakuza pimp, Isamu, will do anything to stop her. Later, the police charge her for obscene exhibitionism in a show she performs with famed real life Japanese strip queen Sayuri Ichijo.

"This is a work of fiction. It was inspired by the life of Sayuri Ichijo, the queen of strippers." - opening title card

An ALL ABOUT EVE take on the glamorous world of striptease dancers striving for professional perfection, SAYURI ICHIJO: FOLLOWING DESIRE is the first of director Tatsumi Kumashiro's films for Nikkatsu's so-called Roman Porn series.

Consistently voted as one of the greatest Japanese films of all time: #72 in Kinema Junpo 1995 critics' poll and #31 in 1999 professionals' poll. Sayuri Nureta yokujo 1972.mkv Sayuri Nureta yokujo 1972