Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alexander Kubelka - Bella (1980)


Another x-rated classic.

Bella is the erotic story of a very passionate young woman who falls madly in love with her next door neighbor - who is also happens to be her mother's lover! This film takes you on a salacious journey behind one family's closed doors.

Peter Strickland - The Duke of Burgundy (2014)


Synopsis: A woman who studies butterflies and moths tests the limits of her relationship with her lover.

"This is voyeurism of a brilliant, deeply refined order. If the MPAA had a shot at rating Strickland's fantasy, they would try to condemn it without being able to explain why." - Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Burgundy is a keen pastiche of 1970s Euro-sleaze and high art, and looks amazing on the big screen, calmly florid, precise yet bonkers, bristling with detail. It's preposterous, delirious and delicious." - Ray Pride, New City

"Stylistically, The Duke of Burgundy is an aesthete's dream - meticulously refined, delicate as a fritillary's wing." - Jonathan Romney, Observer UK

Kemal Horulu - Lustful Feelings (1977)


Not too many fans of 70s adult films are fans of Kemal Horulu. True, his films tend not to pack the punch of those made the best directors of the period at issue, however, he made one adult film that is so well made that it can be seen as a paradigm for an engaging and stimulating adult film. LUSTFUL FEELINGS (aka FEELINGS) from 1977, features a compelling story, competent and stylish direction, an attractive, experienced cast, and a groovy soundtrack. It works on a dramatic level as well as being pretty erotic, and just a bit kinky... Unfortunately the widely available version cuts out most of the kink of course, as well as all allusions to cocaine which is a huge part of the story, rendering it more or less a series of sex scenes and bracketed by drama.
Tony (Jamie Gillis) is a cocaine dealer, but owes Mr. Canucci (Ras Kean) a bit of money, which he isn't paying back fast enough. So Canucci suggests that Tony have his girlfriend Joanna (Leslie Bovee), do some modeling for a girlfriend of his named Claudette (Eva Henderson). Claudette tells Joanna that the real money is in fulfilling men's fantasies. Joanna agrees to join her in servicing her next client (R. Bolla). Tony also has a sexual relationship with his next door neighbor, played by Zebedy Colt favorite, Nancy Dare. Their sex scenes have a nice musical accompaniment and are enjoyable. Jamie doesn't pull out at the climax, which goes against convention and is refreshing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Carlos Tobalina - Lady Dynamite (1983)


Though a wife's doctor is the kind who prefers to undress her and inject in her backside, his routine examination does reveal she has gonorrhea. Furiously knowing she could only have gotten it from her husband, she separates from him and immediately mounts a lover. Next up, she visits her friend's yacht and tells him she finally wants to be more than friends. The wife then goes to a women-only sex party. Eventually, the party host invites male strippers who even manage to convert a lesbian guest. The wife then agrees to forgive the husband if he gives her the same passion she says he must have given his lovers. But it turns out she just wanted to know what his passion felt like before leaving him for good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Roberta Findlay - Anyone But My Husband (1975)


A horny, unsatisfied housewife and her best friend cut loose on a breathtaking sexual spree. Encountering a sultry assortment of swingers, they discover just how much fun it is to run around on their mate

Donald U. Canard - Around the World with John 'The Wadd' Holmes (1975)


John Holmes is detective Johnny Wadd and international beauties from around the world is his sexual beat. After touching base in the carnal capitals of San Francisco and Las Vegas, Johnny packs his immense gear and sets out to conquer the world! It's non-stop action as "Johnny Wadd" goes 'round and 'round with the world's most beautiful women, doing his very best to satisfy a very demanding audience!

Chuck Vincent - Bang Bang You Got It! (1975)


from IMDB:
A collection of sketches parodying various porn and TV tropes. Occasionally, between the segments, one of the performers will talk about his or her sexual fantasy in a more serious and straightforward way.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Joe Davian - Appointment with Agony (1976)


User Reviews

Sleazy Abduction/Rape Film From Joe Davian...
11 May 2006 | by EVOL666 (St. John's Abortion Clinic)

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Joe Davian is best known for his hour-long "roughies" that are short on plot and run-time, but long on sex and sleaze. APPOINTMENT WITH AGONY fits that bill precisely.

The film starts off with a guy playing guitar in prison and abruptly switches to a scene with Vanessa Del Rio in a car with three guys and a girl. Apparently, Vanessa was picked up hitch-hiking...big mistake on her part. The "gang" takes her back to their hide-out and the three men of the group swiftly take to making Ms. Del Rio "air-tight" in a pretty long and rough rape scene, complete with DP and jizz-bath action. When they've all "finished", the gang begins to plan their next caper - but not before one of the group goes back for a little extra "fun" with Vanessa. Their next heist includes the abduction of a family (husband, wife, and two daughters) who are also brought back to the gang's lair and abused. The daughters are made to give their dad a blow-job, and then both daughters and the wife are raped. The chick of the gang (I guess feeling a little left out), goes downstairs to have some fun with the still captive Del Rio. After all this "action" - the scene cuts back to the guy playing guitar in prison (who turns out to be one of the kidnappers), and then a short "resolution" scene where you see the kidnapped family back in their van discussing how they escaped...

Gloria Leonard & Joseph W. Sarno - All About Gloria Leonard (1980)


Plot Synopsis:

Cleaning out her desk as she moves up from reporter to publisher, Gloria Leonard reminisces about her adventures in skin-mag journalism. These include finding out why the copyboy's nickname was "Horse," trysting with a dancer and a waitress from a funky nightclub, discovering the rush of getting paid for sex, and determining whether "quantity" is better than "quality" when she conducts an in-depth interview with two legendary porn studs.

Martin & Martin - Anna Obsessed (1977)



Anna's marriage has lost its passion. After a traumatic rape, she is befriended by the beautiful Maggie, and succumbs to her charms. The film's production values capture the look and feel of misty film noir, especially with a serial rapist hovering in the background. Dark and foreboding, the film's best moments detail the simmering passion between Haven and Money that pays off when the lovers introduce Leslie into their now illicit relationship. It all unfolds like a smoky wet dream. The dreamy ambience keeps you glued, and the finale is impossible to predict.

Phil Prince - Angel in Distress (1982)


Blonde and busty Angel James is kidnapped. Mistress Candice supervises her torment, including bondage, assault, verbal humiliation and S&M orgy. Ron Jeremy plays a private dick, Amos Brag, hired to track down the kidnapped Angel.

From IMDb:
Avon was a company that ran a string of ultra-sleazy porno theaters on Times Square throughout the '70s and most of the '80s, specializing in rough S&M fare, accompanied by hardcore stage shows during intermissions. While there was hardly a shortage of such material already produced elsewhere, they decided to cut out the middle man as it were and produce their own foul-natured features. To this effect, they acquired the services of a number of – surely otherwise unemployable – in house directors, including the notorious Joe Davian and Phil Prince. Davian, who was rumored to sport a concentration camp tattoo, showed signs of talent when working on more mainstream adult projects like GIRLS USA and MANHATTAN MISTRESS. Prince on the other hand, whose off-screen brushes with law and order provided the stuff of (urban ?) legend, gave precious little evidence of any ambition whatsoever beyond capturing the required number of kinky sex acts within the interval his employers allotted, usually a single day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zachary Strong - The Analyst (1975)



Analyst 1975 (Candida Royalle)

Preston has a hard time convincing his wife Anita about engaging in other types of lovemaking... She feels that he is insensitive about her sexual desires, liking only basic sex, but a very aggressive Preston has other ideas in mind. Anita confides in her best friend Pam for help and gets some good advice. Pam had the same problem and after some great girl-girl action with Anita, gives her the phone number of a specialist. At the clinic, Dr. Marley shows Anita several educational films about other forms of lovemaking and conducts several experiments. As part of the therapy, the doctor and his aide perform in the office while a curious and eager Anita watches them with intensity. Doc Marley calls Preston into the office and the film concludes in a wild orgy!!

Dominic Bolla - Angel Above - The Devil Below (1974)



Comedy: the Devil possesses a young woman's vagina, creating mayhem for her mother and visitors to the house.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bob Chinn - All the Way In! (1984)


Synopsis: The beautiful & bountiful Candy Samples makes her explicit feature debut in this touching and torrid love story. All The Way In. The unsinkable Ms. Samples plays Candy Keen, the sex-help columnist for Ultra Flesh Magazine. Along with her horny
co-workers, Candy turns the ho-hum world of publishing into an erotic romp where pleasure and business go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, their idyllic office situation is threatened when a wealthy publisher buys the magazine with the intention of
replacing the staff with his own hand-picked cuties. Candy's co-workers look to her to "persuade" the new owner to keep them on-board, but poor Candy is love-stricken after having found-and-lost Mr. Right on a recent out-of-town stripping engagement.
With only a week to bring her out of her funk, the staff concocts some enticing situations guaranteed to return Candy to her former lusty self. All the Way In is an entertaining, stimulating motion picture that pays tribute to true love, true lust, and the American Dream come true.Taken from adult film database.

Jeffrey Fairbanks - American Pie (1981)


Come back with us to 1957 for the hilarious retelling of a bizzare and bawdy kidnapping of two lovely heiresses, and the unpredictable circumstances that follow. Rudy and Jerry simply weren't cut out for a life of crime, and by the time they discover that they're got two sexual dynamos... a pair of overheated, oversexed and overripe young girls ready to explode... it's too late!..