Friday, February 5, 2016

Carlos Tobalina - Jungle Blue (1978)


From director Carlos Tobalina comes one of the strangest hybrids of exploitation sub-genres ever released to the unsuspecting public. Combining the late 70s jungle movie craze with crime thriller and copious amounts of X rated action, JUNGLE BLUE tells the story of a group of sinister explorers hunting for fortune in the jungles of South America. Along the way they meet a tree-swinging wild man, his sex-crazed companion gorilla, and hoards of scantily clad natives. Filmed entirely in the jungles of Peru and Colombia. Vinegar Syndrome only released this one on DVD and it looks as good as it likely could. The transfer was made from the original 35mm camera negative, which is always a plus, and the colors are sharp and the source material doesn’t appear to be as damaged as it could be. Audio is mono and is a balanced track with everything sounding relatively clear and not much hiss present. I can’t imagine the presentation disappointing anyone and, from what I can tell, this is the first appearance of the film on home video in the United States which should be a cause for celebration in some circles.

Alan Colberg - Tapestry of Passion (1976)


Veteran director Bob Chinn gets credit, albeit likely more for his role as creator of the Johnny Wadd character and series than any actual input to the film in question. With the always stunning Leslie Bovee given a run for her money by the equally gorgeous Annette Haven, pretty Desiree West and even Thorpe’s Halloween dress-up domme providing sufficient aesthetic focus, the film is possessed of a more appropriate streetwise feel than the fairly iffy lead feature. Suffused with mood lighting and 70’s cop show trope and feel, Colberg graduates from the more static VFW Hall and hotel room filming of All Night Long to a far more location heavy, clearly cinematographic and more highly budgeted affair playing into and lending sufficient weight to Wadd’s tracking down of “sex ritual murderer” the “Black Widow”.

Damon Christian - Titillation (1982)


IMDB says: Brenda Weeks uses her buxom figure to get private detective Spado Zappo to locate an ever more buxom woman for her aging boss. But many troubles follow including the searched woman's chauffeur spiking her drink and raping her.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Joanna Coates - Hide and Seek (2014)


In an isolated English cottage, four young people from London move in together, seeking to challenge social conventions and their own tolerances by engaging in scheduled partner-swapping.
As their inhibitions and past traumas fade, they achieve a unique kind of collective happiness but the durability of their new living arrangement is tested by the arrival of an outsider who fails to get in tune with the foursome's radical spirit.
An inventive and engaging film that uses an elegant, delicate style to gently probe both the protagonists' ideals and our own convictions about love and sex.
A genuinely radical take on current woes and wishes, Hide And Seek takes the glooms of today and transforms them into a beguiling and provocative modern fable....

Barron Bercovichy - Lialeh (1974)


Smooth operator Arlo is setting up an erotic musical in NY. Lialeh, a talented girl who wants a singing career and doesn't mind doing nudity or having sex, joins the show. Funk legend Bernard Purdie and his band play Arlo's band.

José Bénazéraf - Perverse Isabelle (1975)


Two crooks flee in a stolen Ford Mustang. they have stolen it from the husband of the girl they rape in the forest. They take her with them to their refuge, a nice modern villa in the countryside. Here, their boss or protector is not so pleased with this girl: this was not planned. But his wife (the one with curly hair) is a lesbian, so she is very pleased with the girl, who has sex with everyone (the two crooks, the boss, his wife, her maid, the girlfriends of the crooks). At the end, the boss hires a killer, who kills the two crooks. And before we reach that scene, there is a long orgy scene with obsessive music, another surprising editing by Bénazéraf

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

John Hayes - Baby Rosemary (1976)


Baby Rosemary follows a sexually suppressed young woman (Sharon Thorpe) through her sexual journeys with her friend John, her student athletes and the residents of her father's hotel residence. The real turning point for Rosemary seems to be when she is attacked in her father's room by a despicable couple who live across the hall and raped by both the man and woman. Cut to several years later and John has matured enough to become a policeman and has to track down Rosemary to inform her of the news of her father's death. Rosemary never really knew her father as she was put up in an orphanage when her mother died. Rosemary brings her sexually charged students to the viewing and they end up sleeping with the funeral director. This all leads to a surreal, dreamlike gathering of everyone Rosemary knows (plus a weird demon guy) having an orgy in the funeral home right next to her deceased father forcing Rosemary into her own personal hell as she screams for her father to save her.

Gerard Damiano - Sex USA (1971)


This documentary-style video captures the porn scene right at its very beginnings. The format is straightforward, with a panel of 'experts' who discuss various issues related to censorship and sex. Their rather dry analysis is then illustrated by a series of searing clips depicting their ideas. And that's where this fllick really takes off. The clips feature some of porn's earliest stars, from shapely Tina Russell to leggy Darby Lloyd Rains. These feverish flower children prove once and for all that there's nothing new under the sun. They do a little bit of everything with sultry smiles on their faces. Fantasy becomes reality in this eye-opening look at hippie-era hi jinx.

Roberta Findlay - The Altar of Lust (1971)


A sexually confused young woman in a session with her psychiatrist relates her tale of coming to New York City from Sweden after being raped by her stepfather, falling in love with a young man named Don and then realizing that she is finding herself attracted more and more to women.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

John Hilbard - Sømænd på sengekanten AKA Bedside Sailors (1976)


A young woman pretends to be a man in order to win a job as machinist's mate on a freighter. When she is discovered, they are already at sea. This is a very bawdy comedy.

Starring: Anne Bie Warburg, Ole Søltoft, Lisbeth Olsen, Bent Warburg, Søren Strømberg, Annie Birgit Garde, Karl Stegger, Paul Hagen, Arthur Jensen, & Alice Westerling.

William Rotsler - Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972)


From the Something Weird Special Edition DVD.

From the DVD Packaging:
As a reward for saving Sheik Abdul Ben Hassein from an assassin, American oil geologist John Dalton is taken to the spectacular STREET OF A THOUSAND PLEASURES, an amazing Mid-East slave market where potential buyers can feast their eyes on a veritable smorgasbord of feminine flesh! Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, big beautiful bare buxotics are brazenly on display! Played by 71 of Hollywood’s Most Abundant Models — including the legendary Uschi Digart! — they’re all brought up-close and personal thanks to the Motion Picture Miracle of "Girl-A-Vision" which puts you in the picture! You become the eyes of the camera as it provides an amazing "hands-on" effect in which you are lovingly and literally submerged in skin! But watch out, that sinister assassin is still on the loose... Directed by William Rotsler (Mantis in Lace) under the moniker "Clay McCord" and released by Harry Novak (Please Don’t Eat My Mother!), STREET OF A THOUSAND PLEASURES is pure pulchritude paradise and about as far from Main Street USA as you can get without leaving the planet

Roger Watkins - Corruption (1983)


ımdb says:
This is a story about a businessman that "sells his soul" for power. However, he is betrayed by courier/associate and finds himself answering to his formal employee. The businessman must then call upon his sleazy half-brother to help him set things right... or so he thinks...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kris Kramski - Lisa (1997)


voyager wrote:
What makes LISA so special? Lets distill it. The work is shot on film, so it has that "movie look and feel" to it. It develops the heroine of the movie, Liza Harper, from the start to the end of the film, meaning character development in the plot, (yeah
I know, what a concept, but for current porn this is sorta breaking the edge of the envelope type stuff!...). Granted, the plot isn't real deep, but the director tied together a story, rather than a hodge-podge of 4 to 6 scenes. And, because of the character development, we "care" about what goes on with Liza! [...]
The sex is heated, some parts very heated. Finally, I'm a fool for women with foreign accents! Liza's french accent, when she speaks slowly, is just wonderful, the few times, she flies off the handle and started to rant and rave, I couldn't understand what she was saying...

Torbjörn Axelman - Lejonsommar AKA Vibration (1968)


“As the 1960s drew to a close, European erotica really had its work cut out for it. In particular, Sweden, the country known for crashing American art houses with racy dramas, found itself competing with other countries like France and Italy to produce the latest scandal du jour. Budgets got bigger, acting got better, and plots became richer as directors tried to push the envelope, and no one benefited from this more than director and distributor Radley Metzger. Vibration (Lejonsommar) was released overseas hot on the heels of Metzger's Therese and Isabelle, also starring the fascinating and talented Essy Persson, and it shows the increasing influence of directors like Ingmar Bergman (who, lest we forget, was also promoted at first in the U.S. more for his flashes of skin than his artistic merit). Arty editing, sun-dappled cinematography, and joyous sexuality are the order of the day here, and Vibration is a breezy reminder of what softcore was like just before Sweden's next big shocker export, I Am Curious (Yellow).

Friday, January 22, 2016

Dick Lau - Emmanuelle in Hong Kong (2003)


Synopsis :
Yan and Emily have been married for two years. Since Emily is cultivated in a catholic way and considers sex is a sin, their sex life is always miserable. To save their marriage, Yan hires a nobleman, K to give Emily a lesson on sex. Yan cookis up a scheme to kidnap his wide and locks her up in a castle for 3 months for the tutorial.