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Joe D'Amato - Anima ribelle (1997)


Review (imdb)

Joe Hit the Nail on the Head with This One
Author: Dirtymoviedevotee from Brugge, Belgium

Despite their usually impressive production values (for porno, anyway), I have always thought most of D'Amato's hardcore efforts - especially the costume flicks - to be tired and labored affairs, the elegant 120 GIORNATE DI SODOMA a rare exception to that rule. When he abandoned historically inspired sex films for contemporary carnality at the twilight of his career, he actually put out a few halfway decent titles such as the ROCCO, THE Italian STALLION series. The stupidly titled RAW AND NAKED gets my vote though as his most, well, satisfying porno picture. It has a more involving story than Joe (whose real name, Aristide Massacesi is rarely mentioned in conjunction with his explicit endeavors) usually attempted and, perhaps as a result, shows more care towards directing and acting.

Andreas Bethmann - Damonenbrut AKA Demon-Terror (2000)


UGH! Can someone please do a proper naughty tentacle movie?!, 19 April 2004
Author: mr-norman-bates from The Bates Motel

What can I say? I dare you to watch this. No, I TRIPLE DOG dare you!

If you actually need a "plot" synop, here goes: a couple of german yutes are heading towards an island for some fun. Unfortunately, so are a small gang of bank robbers/ baby doll murderers (yes, I said baby DOLL murderers: there is a shot where a TOYS R' US baby doll -complete with the gravity assisted big blue eyes -is substituted as a REAL baby as said Tarantini wannabe puts a gun to its forehead. It even comes complete with standard baby giggles before impact. You will not believe it as you see it either)!

So, when all arrive on the island, much chaos ensues as they (1) run around from either each other or (2) encounter crosses that slowly spin around and drip blood, (3) the long retired fog from JC's THE FOG and (4) naughty tentacles that look like dung, which do naughty things (think LA BLUE GIRL, but with real girls, stop motion and fake screams the likes of which have not been seen since DR. BUTCHER).

So, if naughty tentacles are your thing, just check out the live action LA

BLUE GIRLs out on dvd or even the 5-dvd set of ANGEL OF DARKNESS (which are pretty slow and have very little naughtiness). Otherwise, PLEASE ... watch this movie with your parents. They will love it. I mean it. Really.... D

Tony Kendrick - Nurses of the 407th (1983)


Plot Synopsis:

During the Korean War, two irreverent surgeons chase after their nurses and create general mischief at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

Steve Morelli - Terrore nel bosco (1998)


this is the original hardcore italian version!

Ray Dennis Steckler - Fire Down Below aka Perverted Passion (1974)


This looks surprisingly well made for a 70s roughie. Be warned there is hardcore sex and other extremely graphic content. Fun fact: It came out the same year as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Ann Perry - Sweet Savage (1979)


From IMDb:
The above summary is a bit of a cliché, I'll grant you, but this film is one of the most original and entertaining explicit films I have ever seen. Sweet Savage is a film that not only captures the feel of the old west, but captures the feel of an old Gollywood western from say, Monogram pictures, or some other similar company in the 1930s-40s. A young Indian girl named Shy Dove(Beth Anna)returns to her tribe after spending some years away at an exclusive Boston boarding school. She soon encounters racism at the hands of the local white settlers, finding solace in the hands of a white man, Damon(Jon Hollabaugh). Of course this infuriates the locals(among them Hollywood actor Aldo Ray who has a small part as Mr. Banner)who believe in keeping Indian and white culture(and relations) separate, so they in turn gang rape Shy Dove.

Jürgen Enz - Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjährigen aka Young Love, Hot Love (1979)


Jürgen Enz, who made tons of unfunny porn comedies (Die Liebesvögel & Kohlpiesels Töchter) directed this wannabe sensitive sex drama which unintentionally packs far more laughs than his supposed rib-ticklers.
Starting with a nauseatingly syrupy ballad that has some two-bit crooner endlessly repeating "Young Love, Hot Love" that'll keep turning up in various instrumental renditions throughout, this movie tells the heartrending coming of age story of pretty 15-year old Hamburg schoolgirl Elke played by Sylvia Engelmann [Zwei Däninnen In Lederhosen & Schoolgirl Report Part 12) who's pressured by boyfriend Lothar to go "all the way", a step she's understandably rather reluctant to take.
Though her acting technique remains limited to a collection of photogenic pouts, Engelmann at least looks the part of a teenager, which is more than can be said for the uncredited actress playing her "one year older" (according to Elke's narration) best friend Ellen. At age 16 the latter thinks letting Lothar get into her panties might be a good way for Elke to get over all those pesky adolescent insecurities that are making her such a party pooper of late. To stress this fact, Ellen drags her little friend into the school toilets for an impromptu Sapphic initiation that includes some particularly poor bladder control on her part. Lending Lothar a hand to appease his raging teen hormones, Elke firmly believes there should be more to love than this, even as she's trying to cope with the shock of having caught her less than hard-bodied parents in mid-stroke. The girl's middle-aged mom is played by Margit Rauthe, the only other recognizable face in the flick [Der Sexbaron von St. Pauli] even had a very small bit part in the TV-series SMILEY'S PEOPLE.

Franco Lo Cascio - The Erotic Adventures of Aladdin X (1996)


Clark finds Aladdin's lamp, rubs it and the genie fulfills all his sexual desires.

Joe D'Amato -Amore & Psiche aka Love & Psyche (2000)


Love and Psyche (1996)

* (out of 4)

The beautiful woman of Greece refuses to bring any more men into her bed because she has fallen in love with a God. Does the story really matter? This here is a pretty bland and boring hardcore feature from D'Amato, which features some rather unattractive sex scenes as well as a boring story thrown in. The movie is very slow paced and is yet another example of the director not being too interested in the subject.

Alex E. Goitein - Cherry Hill High (1977)



Six girls from a High School who are on a trip at the end of the classes begin a competition between them who will be first to lose virginity. But it seems more difficult for them as it might appear. Written by Volker Boehm

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Barbara Peeters - Starhops (1978)


IMDB REVIEW: Now here's an interesting by-product of the 1970's... the "feminist" drive-in exploitation fare, which featured female protagonists making their way in a man's world. Courtesy director Barbara Peeters (BURY ME AN ANGEL) and screenwriter Stephanie Rothman (GROUP MARRIAGE), both specialists in this mini-genre, the conventions of these films are the same, however because the protagonists are women, there is kind of a reverse stereotype. In other words, it's okay if women take their clothes off, as long as they're being directed by women. This story is pure corny sex fluff: a trio of enterprising gals set out to save their fledgling drive-in restaurant despite all obstacles. Because this is a drive-in movie with a lot of wah-wah pedal soundtrack and male pigs with bad clothing, you know that these girls aren't taking the Sally Struthers correspondence course on business. They take advantage of their sexuality to get their way in a corporate man's world... always on their terms, yet still don't go ALL the way.

Peter Locke - The Carhops (1975)


IMDB REVIEW: Funny but forgotten sex comedy, As the name would suggest this movie is pretty silly, but there are some genuinely funny moments. The story revolves around Kitty who, after moving away her overbearing mom, now wants to find a boyfriend--or at least a good-looking guy to hook up with. All her friends from the neighborhood seem eager to share their boyfriends with her, but nothing seems to work out. Mix in a sleazy old geezer, a car chase, and a hilarious trip to the movies to watch "Dr. Demento," and, well, that's more or less the framework of the story. Not exactly Oscar material but generally light-hearted fun. Of note is that Wes Craven was one of the film editors. Also co-stars famous "I'm With The Band" author/70's supergroupie Pamela Des Barres (as "Pamela Miller").

Patrick M. Wright - Hollywood High (1976)


Four high school girls at Hollywood High are looking for fun. Together they frolic on the beach and cavort with their guys. In their search for a little privacy they meet up with a retired movie star whose mammoth house offers 10 private bedrooms. But, there's a catch. Life is good at Hollywood High.

IMDB REVIEW: great 70's teen-sex comedy, in the tradition of drive-in teen flicks, Hollywood High hits bullseye. If you enjoy corny plots, or no plots, like Gas Pump Girls and The Cheerleaders, then you should search this one out at your local Mom & Pop video store. The four lead girls are hot. And w/ bikinis or less 80% of the time. They have four beach bums/gang members(yeah right)with the girls and all they do is frolic and practice the joys of love, in a van, in a tent, and always together, forget about privacy. There's an old movie startle thrown in the story, just so she could enjoy the young bucks AT THE THE SAME TIME. This is a true masterpiece of sexual taboo mixed with an innocence that could only come from the 70's.

Barry Rosen - The Yum-Yum Girls (1981)


IMDB REVIEW: Don't let the title fool you. This is not a porn film. In fact the title has little to do with the movie. It's about a small town girl (Michelle Dawn) who comes to New York City, hoping to become a fashion model, like millions of other pretty girls. She goes through the rigors of trying to get a portfolio done and become noticed by producers, some of whom are willing to help, for a price. Some of the scenes of girls auditioning for jobs are pretty funny. The producers are portrayed quiet accurately, sometimes a bit too accurately. The film is kind of depressing at times as the main character suffers a lot of pitfalls. Still, it's an interesting look at the modelling industry and fairly well done considering the amateur cast. Michelle Dawn is pretty good in the lead but oddly, never made another movie which is sad when you think of how many untalented actresses there are out there in TV and film.

David N. Gottlieb - Game Show Models (1977)


Plot Synopsis:
A young man goes to work for a sleazy Hollywood PR firm and becomes disillusioned with the exploitation and incompetence he finds there. When his assignations with a female client are discovered, trouble erupts.

Jean-Paul Scardino - Naughty School Girls aka The Blazer Girls (1975)


IMDB REVIEW: Yes, this is a soft core porno movie, but, it has a story and a sweet tale with a happy ending. Five ladies of sweet virginity vow to loose that virginity in various ways to pay for a new School Bell at prestigious US All Girls boarding School. The various ways they do this are comical and sometimes rather sweet (a blind boy gets a delightful reward for his efforts). This movie may never see light of day until someone does a total worldwide Genome Project for every piece of recorded imagery as its basically in the soft core mid to late 70's dustbin along with many other such similar flicks. This is sad as Naughty Schoolgirls has several beautiful themes running through it including the philosophy of I Ching and a delightful piece of poetry. It is full of tacky errors and poor sound management. Added to this, I am sure, is the fact that the school who was picked for the movie may never have known its content! As you can see from IMDb it does not exist in any format on this planet (try your nearest Star System!). It DOES deserve to be released, maybe by the British Film Institute (whom I give Honourable Plug as they released Celine and Julie Go Boating recently). Its worth watching if you ever find it on Betamax (even VHS, who knows!).

Paul Glickler & Richard Lerner - Hot Circuit (1971)



When a married salesman sexually harasses a stripper, she decides to grant his wish but right above the public stage. The salesmen goes on for another job only to get tied up by a babysitter and her female friend. The babysitter then goes through a mutual lesbian seduction with her mother's feminist friend, The Adventuress. Back at her mansion, The Adventuress finds herself with an initially anti-feminist woodcutter, who later gets intimate with a forest's "nymph". A producer then gives the "nymph" a casting couch, leaving him too exhausted for "his Girl Friday" secretary. She is instead seduced in a studio by a hustler who slept in her car. The circle completes as a pedestrian (the stripper) offers to take the hustler home in exchange for his expensive electrical dildo. She is disappointed when he is more interested in food, but her problem is solved when he accidentally spills whipped cream on her body.

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Vernon P. Becker - Dagmars Heta Trosor AKA Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc. (1971)


The Danish Dagmar & Co. is better known by its American release
title, Dagmar's Hot Pants Ltd. The heroine Dagmar Andersson, played by
Diana Kjaer, is a successful prostitute who runs her establishment like
a "Fortune 500" business. On the eve of her wedding, Dagmar plans to
retire from the profession, but her faithful clients won't let her.
Regarded as very steamy stuff back in 1971, Dagmar & Co. would probably
be able to get by with an "R" rating today. Of interest is the presence
in the cast of Hollywood veteran Robert Strauss, one of the first
"name" actors to appear in this sort of exploitational fare.

Jean Desvilles - Les Plaisirs fous (1977)

Jacques has lots of mistresses and his wife, Chantal, doesn't seem to mind. In the first scene he has dinner and sex with Martine, a brunette (Maryline Guillaume), his former secretary, who hands him a photo of her replacement before they amke love. Then he goes home and has sex with his wife, Chantal. He attends a brothel (or maybe it's a swingers' club) and has sex with a busty brunette (Jocelyne Clairis) and is then revived by a blow job from Brigitte Lahaie. At work his new blonde secretary, Caroline, resists his advances at first then succumbs. For their second assignation he takes her to the brothel/club and persuades her into a threesome with Brigitte Lahaie. Then he takes her to meet the wife and they have another threesome. Then they all three plus Richard Lemieuvre go to the brothel/club and meet Alban Ceray with a blonde (Veronique Maugarski). An orgy ensues. Then Jacques takes his wife and mistress/secretary to spend the night on a fishing boat. Who knows why?

Yasuaki Uegaki - Ryôjoku mesu ichiba - kankin AKA Female Market:Imprisonment (1986)


Japanese Yasuaki Uegaki's film, Female Market: Imprisonment (1986) is one incredibly harrowing, brutal and strong rape related film that won't leave even the most jaded exploitation enthusiasts alone. The film tells the inhuman story of a bunch of young Japanese females who one night get kidnapped and taken to some abandoned looking factory area to be abused by some drug dealers and human slavery bosses. It is soon revealed that none of the girls have too many close relatives so they won't be searched after their disappearance. This all may sound like a plot from some Jess Franco women in prison flick, but it is more. This is Japanese exploitation which means only one thing: extreme. (with english subtitles).

José Ramón Larraz - La Visita del vicio AKA The Coming of Sin (1977)


"A perverse little number from the erratic but always interesting José Larraz (Vampyres), this rarely seen, low budget blend of exploitation and art is best known to fans of Euro sleaze under its more colourful theatrical release title, Violation of the Bitch. For its first DVD release, Pagan translated the original Spanish title, La visita del vicio (or more literally, Vice's Arrival), as The Coming of Sin. Under any time, it's a twisted, often mystifying daydream filled with erotica and surrealism. Beautiful amateur painter Lorna (Patricia Granada) passes her sunny days dabbling with a paintbrush and burying herself in the family library. Life changes dramatically with the arrival of Triana (Lydia Zuaso), a dark-haired girl from a gypsy clan who comes to stay indefinitely and sparks a gradual, torrid relationship with Lorna. However, Triana's dreams are haunted by images of a naked man (Rafael Machado) on horseback, a premonition which comes true one day while she strolls through the woods surrounding a nearby lake. The mysterious man, who never seems to wear much, attempts to rape Triana, who runs home and tells Lorna about the weird naked guy living with his horse out in the wild near their house. Lorna goes to investigate while Triana's fantasies continue, including one which finds her naked inside a giant horse about to be... uh, straddled, apparently. Soon the mystery man directly intrudes on their lives, beginning an unholy triangle of lust which culminates in a dark reversal of fortune.

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Zoltan G. Spencer - Danish & Blue (1970)


How’s this for a concept: An American Guy with a Sex Hang-Up Gets His First Taste of Scandinavian Sex Therapy. Socko! Add "Johnny" (William Howard) to play the guy (the same lanky, big-dicked, Johnny Wadd-type stud who stars in Hand of Pleasure and Terror at Orgy Castle), and mix well with "Erika", an angular blonde with a heavy accent who plays the sex therapist. Throw the two of them together in a series of explicit sex scenes, splice in some terrific stock footage of picturesque Copenhagen, and lay over a narration that explains everything to the viewer. Zowie! As a formula for ’70s softcore, that would have done nicely. But the makers of Danish and Blue also had the good sense (and immaculate taste) to add a totally superfluous character called "Ketti" and casting Flesh Gordon’s Suzanne Fields in the part. The result: Smut Magic. Suzanne plays a maid-cum-sex-showgirl who literally latches on to Johnny and helps him overcome his sex hang-up. We meet her, along with Johnny, at a sex show featuring "authentic" Scandinavians like RON DARBY.

Franco Giraldi - La bambolona aka Baby Doll (1968)


A bachelor attorney with a roving eye for beautiful women stets his sights on a 17-year-old student for his next amorous conquest. He meets with her parents, an economically troubled couple who soon give their consent for the couple to date. Using an engagement ring as an enticing lure to initiate sex, the lawyer gets more than he bargained for with the wily female who is wise far beyond her years. The tables are turned on the lawyer as she withholds her affections, feigns a pregnancy and ends up holding all the cards in the relationship with the older, "more experienced" attorney.

Mario Salieri - Napoli (2000)


Mario Salieri, born Mario Altieri, on November 29, 1957 in Naples, is an Italian porn director. He started with semi-amateur films in Amsterdam for the Italian market. Since early 1990s he has directed and written many porn titles with divas like Zara Whites and the Italian actress Selen. He is also the owner of Salieri Productions. He usually casts Roberto Malone for the main roles. Silvio Bandinelli and many newer porn directors in Italy and France, like Dino Toscani and Jenny Forte, follow his distinctive style. His wife Nicky Ranieri (who used to be a porn actress for Salieri films under the name Magdalena Lynn) also directs porn movies.

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Keith Sicat - Room 213 (2008)


The story follows the endangered relationship of an architect and his wife, a photographer. After being married for 10 years, they have lost all emotional connections with each other. However,they both still want to save their marriage so they resort to extreme measures to revive their attraction for one another and rekindle their dying passions. They experiment with other partners and what happens is a matter of exchanging partners that resorts into an explosive climax of uncontrolled carnal desires.