Saturday, April 30, 2011

Michael Raso - The Seduction of Misty Mundae (2004)


Arguably the first bona fide cult screen siren of the DVD age, Misty Mundae is not the conventional B-movie babe of yore. She isn't a surgically enhanced blonde bimbo with an ass you could bounce quarters off of. I find her reminiscent of Swedish sex starlet Marie Liljedahl, only with a retro 'hippy chick' sensibility... Just because she has the face of an angel doesn't mean she wouldn't twist up a killer 'J'. Fans of this sexy, talented actress will certainly want to see her in this latest E.I./Seduction Cinema release (

Doris Wishman - Indecent Desires (1967)


Blonde (wigged) and beautiful New York City model Sharon Kent (who was also a favorite of Barry Mahon) stars as Ann, a lovely secretary whose life is perfect. Her best friend Babs (middle-aged and buxom Jackie Richards) works with her in a friendly office and her boyfriend Bob recently proposed to her. Her world comes crashing down around her, however, when a creepy bespectacled geek (Wishman regular Michael Alaimo) begins stalking her. Through a supernatural mishap (which is never explained, but who cares?), the stalker finds a blonde doll and a tacky ring in the garbage can and suddenly, everything he does to the doll, Ann can feel being done to her! As the loser whips, feels up, undresses and puts a cigarette out on the doll, Ann feels every bit of it, and begins to believe her mind is unraveling. Babs is too busy whoring it up with a foreign sleazeball (Buck Starr, of TOO MUCH, TOO OFTEN) and Bob is away on business. Can she escape this hell?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Walerian Borowczyk - Les Heroines du Mal AKA Heroines of Evil AKA Three Immoral Women (1979)


Each of the three women in this film shows a tendency to kill their human lovers, and two of them evince a sexual attachment to their pets. In the first story, the model for artist Raphael seduces and kills Raphael and another man. In the second, a girl with a suspiciously satisfying relationship with her pet rabbit murders her parents for killing her bunny. Finally, Marie has a dog whose unusual means of effecting her rescue not only saves her from a kidnapper, but gets her out of an unhappy marriage.
-All Movie Guide

Koji Wakamatsu - Otoko goroshi onna goroshi: hadaka no zyudan (1969)

Description: Welcome in the underworld, on your left there’s some gangsters, on your right be careful there’s shootings, murders, betrayals… Enjoy the jazzy mood !

Three killers stole money and drugs from a gangsters meeting. They left with a hostage and a lot of dead bodies behind. Well, that’s not a big deal for them, they stay relax, and don’t rush to sell the drugs. After the massacre, they just go back to their flat and spend a good time. Except one of them, who decides otherwise. He’s tired of staying there doing nothing, and so leave with the hostage. Does he want to start his life again or he’s just too ambitious ?

Koji Wakamatsu - Gendai sei hanzai zekkyo hen: riyu naki boko aka Violence Without A Cause (1969)

Three poor young university student dropouts, with hardly any money left, hang around and decide to move to countryside Aomori where they stay at one of the boys small appartment. As they wander around the beach they spot a young couple and decide to rape the girl. They all feel rejected by society and try to get out of their state. One of the boys eventually gets a hold of a gun and commits suicide, while the other accidentally finds a gun and shoots at a policeman. The story was probably inspired by the figure of Norio Nagayama, a 19 year old serial killer who was convicted of killing 4 people in a cross-country murder spree in 1968 (see Masao Adachi's movie AKA Serial Killer which is about this figure).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Andrei Konchalovsky - Maria's Lovers (1984)

One reason to want to watch this movie is to see perform one of the most talented actresses of her generation, Nastassja Kinski. Others: Her traumatized husband coming back from WWII, a perfectly suited role for Mr John Savage. The plot is simple and misleading, The scenes full of suspense yet stealing our breath at the least expecting moment. This movie reminds us of what acting used to be and how subtlety creates miracles. Simple and excellent.