Friday, September 30, 2011

Marc Dorcel & Jean Rollin - Le Parfum De Mathilde (1994)


Sir Remy lives in his fabulous castle, where he is haunted by the memory of his former wife, Mathilde and believes he can still smell her perfume wafting through the castle. Remy marries a young and pure virgin who is secretly provided by some of his friends. Eva, his new bride-to-be decides to do whatever she can to lift up the spirits of the master of the castle. But Remy has other plans and soon will take his revenge on all those who seduced Mathilde in the past. French starlet Draghixa plays dual roles as the young virgin about to marry the lecherous [Remy] Christoph Clark as well as the role of his first wife, Mathilda, who mysteriously disappeared. Dorcel co-directed with Jean Rollin to create beautiful imagery along with steamy sex scenes in a well developed story. Dorcel also plays the uncle.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bethel Buckalew - The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet (1969)


For a soft-core porn movie, this film has quite a few funny moments, and works (kind of) as a parody of Shakespeare's play. A lot of the references are to late sixties pop culture and there are some genuinely erotic scenes.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vincent Ciambrone - Mondo Montreal (1991)


" was a constantly changing collection of drop-outs, misfits, visionaries,
deviants, information freaks, students, runaways, travellers, electronics
whizz-kids and even 'normal' people from all over the world, none of whom were

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Jaeckin, Shuji Terayama, Walerian Borowczyk - Private CollectionsAKA Collections privees [+Extras] (1979)


"For legendary producer Pierre Braunberger (Shoot The Piano Player), it was the most enticing of challenges: Invite the three most controversial directors in modern erotic cinema to indulge their fantasies in one daring film. The result remains one of the most uniquely sensual motion pictures of our time.

In the first story from director Just Jaeckin (Emmanuelle, Gwendoline), a castaway sailor is rescued by a tribe of succulent native women - led by the stunning Laura Gemser of Black Emmanuelle fame - who soon reveal their most unusual appetites. Then director Shuji Terayama (Fruits Of Passion) explores the haunting tale of a Japanese boy seduced by the riddle song of a village madwoman. And in the bold adaptation of a short story by De Maupassant, director Walerian Borowczyk (Immoral Women, The Beast) reveals the torrid liaison between a Parisian gentleman, a Follie Bergere prostitute and an unexpected surprise that hides in the night."

Walerian Borowczyk - Ars amandi aka The Art of Love (1983)


Plot / Synopsis

In his 2006 obituary, The New York Times called Walerian Borowczyk “the internationally known filmmaker described variously as a genius, a pornographer, and a genius who also happened to be a pornographer.” And for the final film in his ‘Immoral Trilogy’, Borowczyk created one of the most lushly bizarre erotic tales of our time and perhaps the most ambitious work of his entire career. The setting is Rome, 8 A.D., where the poet Ovid watches over an epoch of forbidden seduction and unnatural acts among maidens, centurions, servant girls and the occasional farm animal. Marina Pierro , Laura Betti, Milena Vukotic and Massimo Girotti star in this sumptuous art/smut classic, now fully restored and presented uncensored.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jens Jørgen Thorsen - Stille dage i Clichy AKA Quiet Days In Clichy [+Extras] (1970)



"The French are a great people, even if they are syphilitic." - Joey
Plot Synopsis
A pair of depraved young men mine the decadence of Paris for their carnal fulfilment in Thorsen's adaptation of Henry Miller's controversial Quiet Days in Clichy.

Review by Paul Higson from
Jens Jorgen Thorsen's 1970 film adaptation of Henry Miller's novel, Quiet Days In Clichy. Filmed in Paris at the time that Joseph Strick was in the city filming Miller's Tropic Of Cancer, it could not have been more different from the Hollywood feature (nor Chabrol's later shot at the Clichy novel, come to that) and was a double treat for Miller making set visits to both. Thorsen was an artiste, filmmaker and hoaxer from the school of situation-ism, his belief system creation through free expression, at liberty from the workplace, commercialisation, politics and regimentation. Few novelists would find the movement complementary to the narrative form, no beginning, no end and no plot. Miller's novel, simply put, is two foreign men, in the Clichy region of Paris, on a sexist fantasy ride, from fuck to fuck, women hurling themselves at them, the men taking on all comers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shuji Terayama - Tomato Kecchappu Kôtei aka Emperor Tomato Ketchup(1971)


EMPEROR TOMATO KETCHUP is Terayama's epic, sexually revolutionary and hallucinatory work from 1972 in which magical women act as the initiatory, yet protectively maternal sexual partners to children. The children, in revolt, have condemned their parents to death for depriving them of self-expression and sexual freedom; they create a society in which fairies and sex education are equally important and literally combinable.

Val Guest - Au Pair Girls (1972)


IMDB Description follows:

Au Pair Girls' is a cheesy "naughty" sexploitation comedy from the early 70s. During this period before hard core porn was readily available these kinds of movies were very popular in England. They mixed unsophisticated slapstick comedy, Benny Hill-like double entendres and lots of naked babes. Thirty years later they are enjoyable as kitsch but have little else going for them. 'Au Pair Girls' story concerns the misadventures of four beautiful girls sent to England to work as (yes, you guessed it!) Au Pair girls. They are Randi (Gabrielle Drake), Astrid (Anita Sector), Nan (Me Me Lay) and Christa (Nancie Wait). Randi ends up losing her clothes in a barn after the son of her employer (Richard O' Sullivan from the popular 70s sit-com 'Man About The House) gives her a lift and his car breaks down in the country. Astrid, a nutty Swedish girl obsessed with colour TV, gets picked up by a Sheik (Ferdy Mayne) while on a date at a casino. Nan is hired by Lady Tryke (Rosalie Crutchley) to be a companion for their socially inept but musically gifted son (Julian Barnes), who quickly falls in love with her. Christa is taken to a club by her employers liberated daughter Carole (Lyn Yeldham) and is seduced by a rock singer Ricky Strange (Steve Patterson). People raised on British sit-coms of the 60s and 70s will notice several familiar faces in the supporting cast, most notably John Le Mesurier ('Dad's Army'), who plays Richard O'Sullivan's Dad, and Trevor Bannister ('Are You Being Served?'), who plays his photographer pal.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

José Bénazéraf - Révolution [French Cut] (1985)


A coup d'etat turns into a menage a trois when the amorous ambassador from the fictitious South American country of Youraway and his more-than-willing wife [Olinka Hardiman ] pay a state visit to El Presidente at his palace. This sexual revolution is out of control as El Presidente's wife tries a little foreign intervention on the ambassador by adding raunchy new dimensions to the "Good Neighbour Policy". Not to be outdone, El Presidente takes Olinka on a tour of the palace and they soon indulge in a little target practice that proves to be the "Bang Heard Around The World". This is one erotic uprising you will not soon forget.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

José Bénazéraf - Anthology of Forbidden Scenes (1975)


José Bénazéraf shows scenes from his films which were originally censored because they were considered pornographic or subversive. This doc itself was edited from JB-1[1975] which included longer hardcore scenes from the "The Hideout" films.

Alain Payet - Prison (1997)


From IMDB:
In an undisclosed Eastern European prison for women, the sadistic laundry man arranges for the women's 'escape' down the river - not on a boat, but rather drowned deep down in the river.

Tinto Brass - Fallo! AKA Do It! (2003)

Image Hosted by


Tinto Brass - The maestro of Italian erotica is back! Lies, subterfuge, betrayal and mischief - FALLO! is a collection of six stories based on the joys of sexuality and the eroticism of a new generation of women. IT'S BEEN RUMOURED THAT TINTO BRASS USES RUBBER DICKS IN HIS FILMS. THAT COULD BE TRUE BUT SOME SURE LOOK VERY REAL TO ME. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

Mike Hall & Ward Jeffries - Beverly Hills Girls (1986)


A pair of "stories" from a talent agent in Hollywood. The first involves a young female band and what they must do to get a record deal. The second involves the narrator talent agent in a position of losing her agency; that is until her girls come up with an ingenious plan as to how to infiltrate the blackmailer's hideout and win the agency back. Written by Josh Pasnak

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nick Millard - Fraulein Leather [Extras] (1974)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Director Nick Phillips is well-known for his fetish-driven adult films, usually involving leather, shoes, lesbianism, and sex toys. Lost for years, they are finally starting to resurface on home video thanks to the efforts of RetroSeduction Cinema, who have preserved a number of Phillips' most noteworthy films. Media Blasters' Guilty Pleasures cult film line has licensed two Phillips films, FRAULEIN LEATHER and BRIGITTA. The first to be released, FRAULEIN LEATHER, is a real surprise!

Jesus Franco - Der Heiße Tod AKA 99 Women [Extras] (1969)


"For his epic shocker of caged women gone wild, legendary director Jess Franco (EUGENIE, SADOMANIA) brought together a once-in-a-lifetime cast of International beauties including Maria Schell (THE ODESSA FILE), Luciana Paluzzi (THUNDERBALL), Rosalba Neri (LADY FRANKENSTEIN) and Maria Rohm (VENUS IN FURS). Oscar winner Mercedes McCambridge (JOHNNY GUITAR) and Herbert Lom (THE DEAD ZONE, MARK OF THE DEVIL) co-star as the sadistic wardens of an island prison where abused yet luscious young lovelies surrender to their own depraved desires. Behind bars...without men...experience the unchained passion of 99 WOMEN! " - link

Jesus Franco - Les Demons (1972)



A group of nun's become possessed by demons and are then tortured in a dungeon of horrors during the inquisition. .

Norifumi Suzuki - Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari aka Beautiful Girl Hunter (1979)


Description: "Beautiful Girl Hunter" by Norifumi Suzuki is based on manga by Maasaki Soto.The film portrays the life of Tatsuya,a young man of proper descent whose outward respectability hides his urges for rape and torture.This handsome rapist seduces women,then brings them to the basement of the mansion he inherited from his well-to-do parents,where he indulges in lengthy sessions of sado-sexual violence.An explanation of sorts is given for Tatsuya's sinister urges:he was conceived when his mother was violated by a deranged serial rapist while his father was forced to watch.Then one night,one of his victims escapes.The young woman,who has been kept locked in a cage in the basement for several weeks and subjected to humiliation,degradation,torture and rape,runs from the house screaming,right into the arms of a passer-by.Though she thinks she has found safety,this person is none other than Tatsuya's natural father,the serial rapist.He brings her back to the house where he joins his son in his activities.From that moment the torture and violence shift into an even higher gear."Beautiful Girl Hunter" is a nasty Japanese pinku eiga shocker filled with with nudity,whipping and rapes.The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is great.If you liked this one check out also classy Japanese nunsploitation flick "Convent of the Sacred Beast" by Norifumi Suzuki.10 out of 10. (IMDB)

Jesus Franco - El Ojete de Lulu AKA Lulu's Talking Ass (1986)


Description: Translated as “Lulu's Talking Ass”, this Jess Franco flick features his hot wife Lina Romay and her delicious behind. See, this is what we call theme and variation--instead of another talking vagina movie, Franco switches it up and gives her behind a mind!! Granted, this movie's is entirely in Spanish with no subtitles--but the way it's set up, you won't need to know what's being said. Most of it is sex anyway!

Jesus Franco - Les Cauchemars naissent la nuit aka Nightmares come at night (1970)


Synopsis from
Director Jesus Franco remade his 1965 thriller Miss Muerte as a pure exploitation piece in this Liechtenstein-produced film starring Diana Lorys. The film concerns Anne, a dancer at a Yugoslavian nightclub who moves in with a conniving lesbian named Cincia. Cincia is scheming with Anne's doctor to eliminate witnesses from a jewel robbery they committed, and she hypnotizes Anne to carry out the murders. Meanwhile, Anne has the sensation of going insane, as she is unsure whether the murders are nightmares or reality. In an increasingly frantic state, Anne commits suicide, forcing a showdown between Cincia and the doctor. This film features plentiful nudity involving cult favorites Soledad Miranda and Maria Rohm.