Friday, October 28, 2011

Ricard Reguant - Sueca bisexual necesita semental (1982)

Felipe is a man that loves life but unfortunately can not enjoy it fully, since an accident has left him stuck in a wheelchair. Simona, his wife, is a young and beautiful woman, very eager to be loved, something that Felipe can not satisfy, so she falls into the arms of her husband's secretary, a fascinating girl called Mirella.. (Synopsis taken from a Spanish online shop)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tetsuji Takechi - Hakujitsumu AKA Day Dream (1981)


As with the original, the basic set-up is a dentist's waiting room in which a young man and a young woman named Chieko sit. The girl is called into the surgery and as she succumbs beneath the nitrous oxide, she begins hallucinating a series of darkly sexual encounters in which she is molested by the dastardly dental surgeon. The boundaries between daydream and reality soon blur and the film soon drifts from eroticised scenes of clinical dentistry to scenes of clinically candid gynaecology, all laid down to the harsh twang of the traditional shamisen on the soundtrack.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hisayasu Sato - Rezubian reipu: Amai mitsujû AKA Lesbian Rape: Sweet Honey Juice (1991)

A love & rape triangle between two female coworkers (Mastuda and Ako) and a "gun rapist" (whose silencer is made of a tube test ^^).
Matsuda can not wait to get married and have child, Ako is infuated with Matsuda, and the "gun rapist" has feelings for Ako.
Bad things are bound to happen...

Masaru Konuma - Wife To Be Sacrificed (1974)


VOL666 wrote:
WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED is another in a long line of sleazy Nikkatsu roman-porn features - and this is another of the better ones. Somewhat reminiscent of the (also excellent) 1969 film BLIND BEAST - WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED explores subjects such as sexual obsession and domination in much the same, albeit much sleazier fashion...

The story revolves around a woman whose husband had disappeared after being arrested for molesting a child. The husband comes back after three years and decides he's not through with his wife yet. He kidnaps her and puts her through the requisite humiliation and S&M games, including some inventive rope torture, forced pube-shaving, candlestick rape, whipping, toilet humiliation, etc...The wife tries to escape several times but is never successful, and is even raped by two passers-by during one failed escape attempt. Out on an excursion around his property, the husband finds a couple who have attempted suicide, and after raping the female, kidnaps them as well and puts them through some strong "paces" as well - including a forced enema for the young lady. Eventually the psycho's wife finds that she's begun to enjoy the twisted "games" as her will has now been broken and re-molded by her whackadoo husband...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Jaeckin - Histoire d'O AKA The Story Of O (1975)


Synopsis :
In a strange, secluded chateau, a woman know only as O (Corinne Clery)
is introduced to sadomasochism by her lover: he whips her, chains her,
and watches her make love to and beat up others. In the process of
"proving her love" for him, she gives up everything- even agreeing to be
branded -- to provide him with pleasure. This adaptation of Pauline
Reage's best-selling erotic novel was directed by Just Jaecklin ...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 10 (1990 - 2010)

It's been a long cold winter but Roy Stuart is here to heat things up with his new Glimpse10, the longest and most musical of the series. There is a certain pleasure to find oneself on familiar ground. Anna Bielska starts the show and we're off for two and a half hours of warm reunion where the spectator never feels like a passive voyeur. In fact, the whole Stuart, approach involves participation--big difference from the makers of commercial porno. Truffaut acted in his films, but rather poorly, Stuart as well, but rather well! Often mischievously leading the activities with kung fu action as well as sex action in several sequences where the camera and lighting equipment are often haphazardly included in the scene.

Jean Rollin - Apothéose Porno (1976)

Mid 1970's Jean Rollin porn opus which is credited to one of his many pseudonyms, Michel Gand. His involvement with this film varies upon the source material but I think his influence can be seen in the finished product. In the context of his hardcore film output.
The film begins with Élisabeth Buré, in her brunette phase, getting ready to dress while being watched by Richard Lemieuvre on the bed. this proceeds to sex. Catherine Castel is waiting impatiently in another room. She goes to investigate and joins in for awhile then leaves. Guy Royer arrives and he and Catherine Castel have sex on a couch while watching a porn film. Frequent intercutting occurs between the film within a film and what is going on on the couch.