Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marco Ferreri - Il Futuro è donna AKA The Future Is Woman (1984)


Plot summary
This is the story of a couple who do not want to have children of their own, and a pregnant, single woman who needs a home for awhile, the relationship between the three protagonists is strange, at the very least. After Anna (Hanna Schygulla) and Gordon (Niels Arestrup) invite the expecting Malvina (Ornella Muti) to live with them, Anna becomes neurotically jealous and attempts suicide but is thwarted and in the end decides she really wants to be there for the baby when he/she comes into the world. Rather than trying to get rid of Malvina and the baby, both Gordon and Anna are in agreement on keeping it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

David Cove - Justine: A Midsummer Night's Dream (1997)

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I saw this film on television in the summer of 2004 while in Oaxaca, Mexico. Soft porn at its most ridiculous. The writer and director obviously thought that they were on to something with the sexual escapades of a college ingénue and her professor, but they should have thought a little longer and harder… The film makes (many) references to other Justine films, so I guess someone has been supporting this franchise. The “plot” is idiotic — sort of a girl’s pornographic “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”, and yet it still manages to be convoluted. Impressive. You will see a lot of Justine and her breasts, and you’ll even see some unseemly sex scenes, but your view of the professor seems to have been sanitized.

Francis Ford Coppola - Tonight for Sure (1962)

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On the Las Vegas strip, two unlikely men rendezvous: Samuel Hill, an ill-kempt desert miner, and Benjamin Jabowski, a John Birch Society dandy from the city. Intent on some sort of mayhem, they enter the Herald Club before the burlesque show starts, and they wire something to the electrical box, set to blow at midnight. They sit at the back of the club to get to know each other. As they drink and glance at the stage, Sam tells of a partner driven mad by visions of naked women in the sagebrush; Ben tells a tale of trying to rid his neighborhood of a pin-up studio. As they get drunker and the clock ticks toward midnight, they pull their chairs closer to the women on stage.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jim Clark - Young, Wild and Wonderful (1980)


Plot Synopsis:

A bus-load of high school seniors goes on a field trip to an art museum and becomes involved in various sexual adventures, both real and imagined.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guy Maddin - Glorious (2009)


Glorious (2009, Canada, 12 min.)
Glorious tells the story of an aging crime family patriarch, holed up in a derelict apartment block. Maddin pulls out all the stops as the film unfolds into an orgy of paranoia, bursting ammo shells, rackety disarmaments and oral gratification from beyond the grave. Featuring the music of British/Dutch composer Richard Ayres.

Guy Maddin - The Little White Cloud that Cried (2009)

The Little White Cloud that Cried is an explicit tribute to legendary underground queer filmmaker Jack Smith (link). The film centers around an epic transsexual orgy, and it is very graphic.

It was commissioned for the Jack Smith festival "Five Flaming Days in a Rented World " in Berlin.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Richard Kanter - Desires Within Young Girls (1977)


IMDB comments:
Producer Harold Lime, the Louis B. Mayer of porn, set out to make big studio-type movies with all star casts, lavish production values and an upbeat message. Before hitting his stride in his justly praised collaborations with Gary Graver a/k/a "Robert McCallum" as the '70s gave way to the '80s (ECSTASY GIRLS, AMANDA BY NIGHT, INDECENT EXPOSURE), he had already teamed up with another co-conspirator from his sexploitation days when he was better known as "Ted Paramore", the man who gave the world the classic "nudie cutie" NOT TONIGHT, HENRY. The filmmaker in question was the sadly overlooked Richard Kanter, who had made the popular RIBALD TALES OF ROBIN HOOD prior to embarking on an all too short-lived explicit career as "Ramsey Karson". Though his initial alignment with Lime remains his finest achievement, he would also direct the massively underrated "loop carrier" UNTAMED and the bloated if occasionally effective SENSUAL ENCOUNTERS OF EVERY KIND for him. For DESIRES WITHIN YOUNG GIRLS, a title forever targeted by moral crusaders because of its supposed pedophile suggestion (oh, get a life, you lot !), this twosome emulated Old Hollywood in their choice of material as well as style with a sexed-up rendition of the Marilyn Monroe soufflé HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brad Murphy - How to Make a Dirty Movie (1968)

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A self-styled comedy of errors , Dirty Movie begins when Brad Murphy - an aging, chisel-jawed surfer type - drops by his neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar. Little does he know that a porn film is being shot there and Brad quickly find himself impressed into service by Marlene, a straight-haired Seventies prom queen who gently instructs her new-found friend in the art of acting in a sleaze film.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pete Walker - School for Sex (1969)



British Sexploitation/Sex Comedy. Lord Wingate, aquitted after appearing in court for fraud, starts up a 'finishing school' to teach girls how to extract money from rich men, in return for a percentage of their gains. He enlists the help of the Duchess of Burwood (Alcoholic Aristocrat played by Rose Alba) as a teacher and Hector (Cockney Geezer played by Nosher Powell) as fitness instructor. A probation officer friend supplies the first batch of pupils fresh from Holloway prison via a clapped out old mini bus. Suspicious neighbours and police together with newspaper reports naming the prison girls now hobnobbing in high society results in a raid and new court appearance for Lord Wingate. The Judge sentences him but plots to start up his own 'school for sex'.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Steve Kokker - Komrades (2003)


"If I continue in the military, I'll have to find a wife real quick. No lieutenant at my base lasts long as a bachelor because there are senior officers who love to drink, but can't do it at home in front of their wives. If you're alone, they'll barge for a daily drink fest. After six months I'd end up with cirrhosis of the liver."

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Claude Mulot - Le Sexe Qui Parle 2 (1978)


La suite jubilatoire du film Le Sexe qui Parle. La contagion est rapide et atteint toutes les couches de la societe… Interprete par la ravissante et fascinante JENNY FEELING ce film hors normes delirant, excitant, lubrique, et genial de FREDERIC LANSAC a rencontre l’immense succes qu’il meritait.