Monday, July 23, 2012

Jesus Franco - Sexo Caníbal AKA Devil Hunter (1980)


Description: A Vietnam veteran heads to an island inhabited by cannibals to save a kidnapped model not only from her kidnappers, but also from the cannibals' lurking Devil god.

Donovan Winter - Some Like It Sexy (1969)

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Fantastic opening credits sequence to this intersting mix of late 60s swinging London and 70s sex comedies that would becomes so popluar. Opening with shots of Sloane Square then an extended driving sequence down Kings Road. Directed by Donovan Winter and starring Christopher Matthews. This has elements of Alfie, Blow Up and the Rob Askwith Confessions.. films all mix up together.

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 11 (1990 - 2011)

With this eleventh Glimpse Roy Stuart is at the top of his art as he ushers in a new decade with a sublime two and a half hours of pure sensuality.

Under the watchful eye of his magic camera, emenating from a diabolical edit, over a dozen lovely, totally natural creatures share with us their most intimate pleasures.

Henri Pachard - Jailhouse Girls (1984)


Henri Pachard churns out a grimy little grinder with a lot of impact that was overlooked by many critics. Ginger is the innocent babe tossed into the slammer on trumped up prostitution charges. Paul Thomas runs the place with an iron hand and a vasoline glove, assisted by Kelly Nichols, who plays inmate Killer. The CAGED HEAT crowd can enjoy Joey and Ginger in the van, followed by a wide assortment of behind bars boffing. Guards like Howard, Chelsea and Payne take liberties with prisoners Raven and Kristara, who is outstanding in the rat hole crawl scene. Never fear, the major feature of women in jail is the obligatory lesbian stuff, a sudden scene with Ginger and Raven. Bad people get their comeuppance. Killer saves the day and escape has to be in order. Some will find this sleeper rather slimy, but fans will find it hot. Raincoat stuff.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Artie Mitchell & Jim Mitchell - Behind the Green Door (1972)


Description: Two men enter a fast food place. The owner asks them about a mysterious matter.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bill Milling - Lauderdale aka Spring Fever (1989)

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IMDB Says:
"Porky" style teen comedy with plenty of gross out jokes and nudity. A nerd and his out-of-control friend chase a dream girl to a beach on Florida where all the expected carrying on occurs. Written by John Sacksteder