Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tinto Brass - Trasgredire AKA Transgressions (2000)


While scouting out apartments in London for her Venetian boyfriend, Carla rents an apartment that overlooks the Thames. There she meet the lesbian hyper-horny real estate agent Moira.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tinto Brass - Nerosubianco AKA Black on White (1968)


Before directing "Salon Kitty" and moving into the erotic style of film making that he is more known for director Tinto Brass made a series of movies that can only be called "pop art" (these also include "L'urlo" and "Col cuore in gola"). This one, my personal favorite, follows a beautiful young woman (Anita Sanders) who, after being dropped off in the park by what seems to be her husband (I don't speak much Italian unfortunately!), spends the day wandering the city where she is sometimes pursued by a Black man who she seems to have an interest in despite her reluctance to confront him. On her trip Brass sneaks in statements on politics, racism, hippies, sexuality, conformity and other topical subjects through the use of disjointed editing, stock footage, psychedelia, and music from the UK rock group The Freedom (not the American group of the same name) who pop in and out performing the movie's groovy score. This is certainly a movie for someone enjoying nonsensical, train-of-thought plot less counterculture type films and anyone not liking that kind of thing would probably wanna steer clear. Radley Metzger released the film in the US through his Audobon distributing group as "The Artful Penetration of Barbara"

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tinto Brass - Cosi Fan Tutte AKA All Ladies Do It (1992)


Tinto Brass, one of Europe's masters of softcore eroticism, directed this examination of the joys of infidelity. Diana is married to Paolo, but while she loves her husband, she often finds herself tempted by other men. Rather than keeping her affairs a secret, Diana shares the details with Paolo, and the mingled excitement and jealousy keeps their relationship hot. However, Diana begins to wonder if she's gone too far when she becomes involved with Alphonse, a writer who worships Diana's derrière. Paolo is convinced Diana has crossed the line, and in a huff she goes on a tear with the help of her sisters. Is it too late to save Diana and Paolo's marriage?
-All Movie Guide

Monday, March 26, 2012

Alan Colberg - Naked Afternoon (1976)


IMDb comment:
The beautiful starlet Abigail Clayton has loyal fans more than 30 years after her brief career sputtered out. That makes NAKED AFTERNOON required viewing; had she become a major star, on the level of Samantha Fox or Jesie St. James, it would be dismissed as ephemeral filler.

Case in point is her co-star here Annette Haven. Haven made so many classic movies that her nothing part here is of little interest to her fan base.

Cornball plot line has Clayton as a young lass trying to make it in Hollywood but hit in the face with reality. She goes for interviews, gets a femme acting teacher/manager, but everybody wants her to work as a stripper, B-girl hustling drinks, prostitute, or minor player in XXX films.

Elliot Lewis - Bad Company (1978)


"An explosive and searing expose focusing on the corrupt, sexual misconduct of a certain young and beautiful female police officer. You will see how she uses her magnificent body and masterful sex techniques to seduce and blackmail young men and women. A brilliantly dramatized portrayal of the lust and perversion that is rampant on the seamy underbelly of a modern 'secret society'."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gary Graver – Tangerine (1979)


This is the story of a high society hostess named Tangerine and her three teenage daughters Faith, Hope and Charity. Tangerine throws lavish parties at her sumptuous seaside home for influential business executives. However, what she's really up to has more to do with hard cash than with hospitality. Her bait, Faith, Hope and Charity, pretend to be between the ages of thirteen and fifteen -- though they're actually not teenagers at all, and no relation to Tangerine whatsoever. It's a good, spicy tale and a provocative experience, as you follow the three nymphettes in their erotic, seductive attempts to bilk money from hapless, horny businessmen.

Michel Caputo – Tendres souvenirs (1980)


Charlotte (Nicole Segaud) is a maid in love with her boss, a doctor named Mario, who doesn't show the same affection she shows him. She spies on him while he is having sex with Claudia (Jane Baker), Mario's fiance who is also having an affair with Jean-Paul.
After Mario tells Charlotte he must leave for Africa she demands to leave with him, but he adamantly says no and leaves her behind. Claudia ends up marrying Jean-Paul once Mario leaves. Charlotte spends her time writing letters, in Claudia's name, to Mario in order to comfort him while he is away. Once Mario returns home he finds out the Claudia is now pregnant and that Charlotte is the person responsible for the letters that helped him through his time in Africa. He finds out in the nick of time as Charlotte is about to drown herself in the sea, but Mario arrives just in time (Ah!). This classic european adult film also stars Elisabeth Bure, Elodie Delage & Laura Clair.

Leonard Kirtman - The Seduction of Cindy (1980)


old porn flick starring seka, vernocia hart and ron jeremy...