Sunday, May 12, 2013

Michael Carpenter - Make Me Want It aka Beg (1986)

Stacy Donovan stars as a Detective who's looking for a lost diary, but is lured into an underground sex world.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Masaru Konuma - Ikenie fujin aka Wife to be sacrified (1974)


Akiko, a woman must endure an extreme ritual when her ex-husband, who has recently escaped from jail, kidnaps her, brings her to a house in remote wooded area. There he subjects her to sexual torture, tetherings, suspensions and humiliations. Through the rage and lust, the pair develop a relationship, that flourishes especially when Kunisada, the ex-husband, meets a young couple...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Francis Leroi - Les tentations de Marianne aka Marianne's Temptations(1973)


The cheeky team at Eurotika! step into the fray once more with the release of Francis Lerio's 'Mariannes Temptations'.

Yes, it's time again to take a trip into 70's french sleaze as only they knew how to produce ! 'Mariannes Temptations' basically involves a fiesty young french lass that lives at a ski resort with her family. Bored with the humdrum of village life and her abusive boyfriend Marianne soon meets two visiting city dwellers whom she quickly decides that she wants to run away and live with in the big city, where seemingly all the excitement happens !

Somewhat niave, Marianne is soon target to some psychological and sexual abuse of her new lover Bob, a construction worker that tricks her into thinking that he's some sort of high fashion photographer. Bob happily uses her teenage sexuality for not only his depraved needs but for his freinds and work colleagues also in this sleaze gem.