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Mac Ahlberg - Sex in Sweden aka Molly (1977)


Molly comes to the Riviera to visit friends who run a very social and liberal summer house with some interesting house guests. Molly is awakening sexually and very hot on the oldest son of the house, charming and horny Peter. A plot that ends up in some family confusion - Molly gets Peter's brother, who cannot get it on with her on the wedding night, and Peter takes over his place in the bed. Fine explicit and natural sex, no artificial climactic shots. Beautiful girls and handsome men. The only thing that is obvious is that Marie Forså (Molly) does not play in the one explicit sex scene she is supposed to have. Recommended for couples - it actually does have a plot.Sweden/France

Various - Wet dreams (1973)

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"This collection of shorts was impulsed by a wealthy dutch person asking many directors to shot a few mns on the subject of "wet dreams".... Some of these shorts were collected and assembled in this movie, and were then issued in 1973...
French businessman Francis Mishkind, owner of the Alpha theaters and distribution circuit, acquired it and released it in Paris back then....
Mischkind is the man behind all those recent triple feature porn french dvds of the blue one label...His 30 years carreer made him a key figure in french porn prod beofre video replaced 35 mm films... (some important movies such as "Mes nuits avec Alice, Penelope,....", Talking pussy and so on....)
It was stamped "art house" in 1974 then x rated in 1975, then re art house only in 1982 in France.....
Directors include Ray, Lasse Braun (as Falcon Stuart) , and Dusan Makavejev (as Sam Rotterdam)....."

Joseph W. Sarno - Suburban Secrets (2004)


Laura, a famous nude model, returns to her small-town home when she learns that her old boyfriend is having a relationship with her aunt.

Radley Metzger - The Image AKA The Punishment of Anne (1976)


“If you look up the word erotic in the dictionary, you will no doubt see a picture of Radley Metzger staring right back at you directly in the face (with a cheeky little smirk no doubt). No one has ever, or will ever make films like this man had. Way ahead of his time (which historically seemed to work against him) Metzger's films have survived in relative obscurity or have unfortunately been presented in poorly transferred abridged versions. Enter Synapse Films to the rescue with one of Metzger's most beloved titles (and most dangerous if you will) The Image (AKA The Punishment of Anne), and a film that absolutely no one could have ever predicted would have surfaced on DVD.

Joe D'Amato - Immagini di un convento AKA Images In a Convent (1979)

Legendary cult-sleaze director Joe D'Amato helms the "nunsploitation"
sex and nudity, the film tells the story of a secluded convent where a
diabolic statue possesses the nuns, causing them to blaspheme and commit
sexual depravities. When a group of priests intervenes to try and
exorcise the nuns, the presence of the men at the convent drives them to
even more perverted acts. Like a more explicit and exploitative version
of Ken Russell's THE DEVILS, IMAGES IN A CONVENT has been called the
most disturbing entry in the "nunsploitation" subgenre.

Fred J. Lincoln - Oui, Girls (1981)

The Oui Girls rivals the screen's classic tales of intrigue and mystery and goes one better with some of the most glamorous and breathtaking women to ever light up the explicit screen!

When Barb McCall (played by the beautifully desirable Anna Ventura) is asked to go undercover to assist Nick Williams (Paul Thomas) in a murder investigation, she gets more than she bargained for! Together they embark on a twisted trail of lies and deceit, but whose lies? And who's Deceit? The answers to these questions will baffle and astound! Qui, Girls rivals the scene's classic tales of intrigue and mystery and goes one better with some of the hottest, sexually explicit scenes to light up screens for decades.

Edward Boles - Sweet Georgia (1972)

This may have been Boles' only film (exploitation or otherwise), but it is truly a morals-busting doozy. Sex-crazed nymphomaniac and busty blonde Georgia (Marsha Jordan) may be married to the abusive, greasy, and violent Big T (Gene Drew), but naturally that doesn't stop her from bedding down with just about every other character in the film, including her free-spirited stepdaughter Virginia (Barbara Mills) and hunky farmhand Cal (Chuck Lawson, who resembles an odd cross between Neil Young and Jay Leno).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gary Graver - V - The hot one (1978)


Starring the stunning Annette Haven as V, the film follows her transition from housewife, to a successful young attorney, to high-priced call girl, to cheap street whore extraordinaire. From the penthouses, the Mercedes, the minks and the sparkling dinner parties, the dingy skid row hotel rooms, V and her companions lead us through every facet of sensual perversion. You'll follow her from her home, to a penthouse filled with 12 couples engaged in an elaborate orgy, to a stylish brothel for discreet millionaires, and finally to a cheap hotel where anything with anybody goes.

Edwin Brown - Irresistible (1983)

Imagine being able to travel back into time and be welcomed into the intimate bedrooms of the most notorious women ever to embarrass history. Well it happens to Walter Brooks - just when he needs it most.
First, through the help of Miracle Myers' time machine, he finds himself alone with the sultry Cleopatra who draws Walter into the steaming depths of her inner, secret pleasures. From there he travels to explore the innocent young flower, Juliet, with Romeo courting her from beneath her window. This seduction is so successful, however, that Juliet falls in love with Walter and follows him back to the 20th Century, creating a paradox in paradise and putting Walter in deep trouble.
The "Irresistible" lady legends that follow, and the fantastic situations that develop fill the screen with an avalanche of sexual debauchery performed by a bewildering array of beautiful and inexhaustible new, young playmates! You'll find "Irresistible" completely irresistible!

Carter Stevens - Jail Bait (1977)

Despite having a mistress, married Ron Baker also desires his niece. This desire drives him to the arms of his next door's babysitter. But when she wants money and dates, he breaks it up and learns why his wife never loved him.

Todd Verow - Bottom (2012)


Provocative documentary by director Todd Verow about a man, a so-called ‘cum whore’, who lives in New York and is determined to have raw sex with as many men as possible in one year, while meticulously keep count of the number of ‘loads’ he takes. The film’s protagonist has blogged about his sex life for years under the title “Confessions of a Bareback Sauna Slut - No Condoms. No Fear, No Regrets “- now it’s all there for us to see. It’s fascinating, controversial and extremely up-close!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kemal Horulu - Blue Ecstasy in New York (1980)


Blue Ecstasy is an unusual film that explores with candor the sexual conflict acted out by dual personalities inhabiting the single body of a young woman. Veronica has an unusual companion, Ronnie, who is the exact opposite of herself. Her friend Niki is a fun loving person and cannot at all understand Veronica's prudishness. At Niki's suggestion, she and Veronica go shopping for some new, sexy clothes for Veronica's changing personality, which becomes the catalyst for a film revealing many layers of sexual denial & redemption.

Alan Vydra - Sound of Love (1982)

IMDb comments:
A conductor has grown tired of sex, ignoring his wife played by the always beautiful Annette Haven, but his masterpiece is to be a recording of women having orgasms. He hires a sound engineer to procure them, in stereo. With $500 an orgasm at stake he takes matters into his own hands with a half dozen different women, including the wife of course, to fulfill his clients wishes. Because of the theme of the movie, the sounds are very authentic making the scenes more memorable. This movie also appears to have been filmed before all sense of style and plot went away in the adult film industry. It is interesting that according to the date of release Crystal Breeze would have been 16 during filming, but she sure doesn't look it. She is also credited as Mindy Cole on the Excalibur release.

Guy Casaril - Emilienne (1975)

Nouky, an artist, is the mistress of Claude. To tease him she gets acquainted with his wife Emilienne who runs an art gallery and persuades her to model for her drawings. Things get a little out of hand when this turns into a lesbian relationship and the concept of a love triangle is tested to the full.

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Alois Brummer - Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose AKA There's No Sex Like Snow Sex (1974)


The RARE ENGLISH VERSION of this Bavarian sex romp comes to us courtesy of producer Alois Brummer, who broke into the business producing a series of films about Graf Porno (Count Porno) and ultimately directed 16 sex films himself before his premature death in 1984 at the age of 57. He was also involved in producing work for the avowed kings of this genre (Ernst Hofbauer, Hans Billian and Hubert Frank) and, knowing a cash-cow when he saw one, imported Michael Findlay's "Snuff" to Germany, also.

"Snow Bunnies" is an absolutely delightful example of its kind. The story involves a group of Berlin vacationers who arrive by bus at a remote snow village high in the mountains, where the hotel is operated by a cranky father Wirt (Franz Muxeneder), an elderly housekeeper (Rosa Mayr, a staple of the "Schoolgirl Report" films), a roguish handyman named Sepp (Konstantin Wecker, billed as "Peter Wecker" ha ha!) and the hotelier's plump-breasted daughter Vroni (Judith Fritsch). The guests include the wealthy but inexperienced Mr. Miller (genre fixture Josef Moosholzer) and a bevy of voluptuous young student girls, restless newlyweds and vacationing widows, all on the lookout for some action in the sack. Sepp is only too happy to oblige them, which leads to not-too-serious complications with Vroni and her father.

Shingo Yamashiro - Meneko aka She Cat (1983)

Dr. “Cat” Kagami was hoping to leave her torrid past behind, but a failed assassination attempt has now put her square in the crosshairs of a team of brutal killers. Now no one is safe, including her lesbian co-worker and a mysterious woman with a terrible secret that could bring down an entire Japanese company. Cat must take the law into her own hands and enact her own special kind of revenge! She Cat, directed by Shingo Yamashiro, is not only one of the more intricately plotted features in the “Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection”, but it’s also one of the longest and sexiest entries. Expert direction, the amazingly “ample” assets of lead actress Ai Saotome, steamy lesbian shower-sex scenes and an action-packed gun fight finale make this film a must see for all Japanese erotic film fans!

Lukas Moodysson - Ett hål i mitt hjärta aka A hole In My Heart (2004)

A Hole in My Heart (Swedish: Ett hål i mitt hjärta) is a 2004 Swedish drama film written and directed by Lukas Moodysson, starring Thorsten Flinck, Sanna Bråding, Björn Almroth and Goran Marjanovic. The story revolves around a man who makes a pornographic film in his apartment with a friend and an attention-seeking starlet, while his teenage son stays in his room and listens to industrial rock.

The film is notable for its explicit imagery, including close-ups of vaginal reconstruction surgery, an anal sex scene without the use of lubrication, a masturbation scene with a toothbrush, and an extended scene about the woman's "smelly vagina". Moodysson leaves the interpretation of the film to the viewer: "I have cooked you a delicious meal, but I'm not going to chew it for you."

Lasse Braun - American Desire (1981)

From legendary porn director Lasse Braun comes this explosive look at suburban lust and desire. Statuesque stunner Veronica Hart and Robert Bolla star as a couple who find that the spark has gone out of their marriage. They decide to try and perk things up by taking separate vacations -- and by taking new lovers while on those vacations! Veronica goes back to her father's house, where she's astounded to find him engaged in a feverish frolic with Asian strumpet Mai Lin. Her world gets turned upside down when she visits her grandfather's old house. Veronica is confronted by the swarthy owner of the home, and he forces himself on her in a scene of pure sexual frission. This erotic experience changes Veronica's life forever, and she finds herself turning into the wanton sex goddess that she's always yearned to be. Meanwhile, Robert is back at home, romping with masochistic hooker Lysa Thatcher in a heated hayloft humdinger. In the end, Veronica and Robert are reunited and find that their separate experiences have brought them closer together than ever before. Shot on location in New England, this is an exceedingly well-made and well-acted feature. Veronica Hart turns in one of her all-time classic performances, perfectly capturing the hunger and allure of her character. 'American Desire' is without a doubt one of the true classics of 80s porn.

Anthony Spinelli - High School Memories (1983)

A sports spoof. High School Memories centers around the relationship between a former football coach and a teacher, each returning home for a reunion at the high school from which they were fired (for some improprieties) five years earlier. Both coach and teacher have undergone dramatic personal changes since last seeing each other. Through flashbacks we glimpse their sex-filled past.

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Louis Lewis - Trashi (1981)

Trashi...created to Fulfill One Man's Insane Lust!
How would you create the perfect woman? In this hilarious spoof, the perfect woman is Lisa de Leeuw, who has all the best parts of womankind. This sexually erotic comedy is packed with sweet, slick sexual action of the most bizarre kind, including a mad scientist, and horny lusty robots created to perform only one function. Besides super sex star Lisa De Leeuw, this tasty tale also stars the ever incredible Serena, Dorothy LaMay, Nicole Noir, Sharon Mitchell, Loni Sanders and San Fransisco's world famous Carol Doda, in her first film appearance! So, if you're still searching for the perfect female, stop right here, because Trashi will give you everything you've dreamed of!

Chris Warfield - Garters And Lace (1980)

Luscious Aubrey Turner introduces us to six fiery vignettes, each one a feverish, frantic foray into the outer limits of 70s erotica. The real star of the show, though, is legendary porn stud John Holmes. Holmes lives up to his reputation in a quartet of sensually charged couplings. He brings out the bawdy best in all of the women he romps with, beginning with buxom blonde Victoria Rink. Victoria joins Holmes on a photo shoot that soon turns into a down and dirty dalliance that leaves them both well spent. Later on, Holmes plays a pool boy who gives tasty Barbara Barton a little extra service in an outdoor plunge. Barbara shows off some awesome oral skills here, and really loses herself in the moment with her well-equipped partner. Linda McDowell does her one better, joining Holmes for a blistering back door boff that ranks as one of the flick's most mesmerizingly magnificent moments. Finally, porn legend Leslie Bovee shares her ripe curves with Holmes in another slam-bang session. Add in some stellar scenes from the likes of Anne Faulkner and Desiree West and you've got one heck of a hot package! This is 70s porn at its most erotic and enticing, and Holmes shows why he's still considered one of the all-time greats.

Pierre Unia - College Dormitory / Dortoir des grandes (1984)

IMDb Review:

If this was a typical French dormitory, I would have gone to school in France. I swear I would have. I would still, at the age of 41, be going to school in France. Perhaps sweeping the dormitory floors, still trying to pass freshman algebra while I dispense wisdom to the bubbly French coed perched on my knee.

College Dormitory is hot stuff, especially for the time it was made. The plot is a bit hard to follow in the English version, but who is following the plot? Not me. It is basically about some girls, in a college dorm. That's enough, you don't need to know any more, except that they are frequently naked and making out with each other.

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Monte Hellman, Francis Giacobetti, Michel Parbot, Bob Rafelson -Rendez-Vous Video Magazine (1981)

This 1981 silken sleaze video magazine "For the Man Who Wants More..." contains Monte Hellman's short portrait of Francis Ford Coppola discussing business and craft at home and on the set of his Zoetrope Studios, "Inside the Coppola Personality" (sometimes credited in Hellman filmographies as "Coppola: A Profile"). Also inside is "Rafelson" (or "Modesty" as it is credited in his filmography), a self-portrait by Bob Rafelson, shot by Bruno Nuytten. The other entries -- a portrait of a pubic hair dye specialist, a travelogue on Bangkok, a candid camera with a planted hussie at a gas station, etc. etc. -- is soft core pornography by high-level photographers.

Bruce LaBruce - Super 8 1/2 (1993)

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LaBruce stars in this vaguely autobiographical look at a triple-X star-director caught in the downward spiral of his career. Remarks Googie, the art-house auteur who's either exploiting LaBruce or launching his comeback, "He was actually attempting to break down the whole subject-camera relationship... It was as if he was an existentialist trapped in a porno star's body." Well, almost.

Just as LaBruce's scrawny, hangover aesthetics challenge the conventions of gay porn's Wonder Bread desire, his newly adroit camera unsettles narrative assumptions. A dense weave of self-reflexive interviews, cynical vignettes, and outrageous cameos by "Kids In The Hall" Scott Thompson and drag goddess Vaginal Creme Davis - along with moments stolen almost verbatim from films like Fellini's 8 1/2 and Perry's Play It As It Lays - Super 8 1/2 still manages enough rude sex to keep the whole unruly narrative in your face.


Leonard Kirtman - Inside Désirée Cousteau (1979)

Young, beautiful, and innocent Desiree enters the work force to find great difficulty in keeping men disinterested in her charms. She starts out as a reporter when she meets "Mr. Ryan", a Presidental hopeful. He gives her the "scoop" of her life which ends up in an usual pool sequence! Desiree then tries another job as a door to door saleswomen with excellent results when she discovers her first client, a very luscious , hot redhead. She sells all her merchandise and ends up in a menage-a-trois when the husband enters. Trying to keep away from sexual encounters and to find a straight work, she finds herself a job aboard a luxury yacht only to discover herself involved with two porno stars, John Homes and Serena. Seeing that no matter what she does ends in sexual encounters, she goes after a career in porno films and becomes an international sensation.

Joe Sherman - Plato's the movie (1980)

Seka and Lisa De Leeuw are investigative reporters going undercover to get the dirt on the infamous sex club Plato's Retreat West.