Thursday, September 26, 2013

Corey Allen - The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio (1971)


This is a bawdy burlesque of the famous fairy tale. Instead of Gepetto, the old man wood-carver, we have Geppeta (Monica Gayle), an apparently frustrated nubile young virgin. Geppeta carves Pinocchio (Alex Roman) for herself as a gorgeous young hunk. Geppeta's fairy godmother, a bawdy blonde played by Dyanna Thorne, magically transforms the young stud Pinocchio into a living man, who is quickly brought to work in the local whorehouse as a prize stud and exhibitionist.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Claudio Giorgi - Candido erotico aka Copenhagen Nights (1977)

IMDb comment:

Lili Carati--need I say more?

Since I am suffering from a strange fetish for barely legal Italian starlets from the 1970's (well, maybe not "suffering". . .), I have seen any number of films now featuring the lovely Lili Carati, who started out as a Miss Italy finalist and eventually ended up as a drug-addled hardcore porn star. This is one of her first movies and she looks strangely demure and innocent here. The story resolves around a male sex performer in Copenhagen, Denmark who does work on the side as a model for a female photographer (and former lover). He spots a nude photo of her stepdaughter (Lili Carati) and decides to seek her out. Naturally, this doesn't sit well with the older women, or with her husband (although the latter can't say much about it since he has just paid the man to have sex with his wife while he watches). In an unbelievable turn of events though it turns out though this guy can't, uh, "perform" WITHOUT an audience. You can pretty much imagine how it ends.

David I. Frazer - Bad Girls (1981)


An all-girl road trip: four comely, young gals travel through the Rocky Mountains disrupting everything in their path with their sexual antics. From teasing a poor scout who hitches the ride of his life to stiffening a lonely wood cutter's equipment, the vacationing vixens are just out for fun. Witnessing the women's promiscuous behavior, a horny scoutmaster brings their attention to a group of locals who take them hostage and aim to have their way with them. The girls match the 'bad boys' stroke for stroke and escape with the help of the local scout master (But not until after one of them seduces him). - VCX

Monday, September 23, 2013

Elia Milonakos - Mavri Emmanouella AKA Emanuelle Queen of Sados (1979)


Gorgeous Laura Gemser pays her lover to kill her husband, releasing her from his cruel sexual treatment, and takes the man's teenage daughter under her wing. Now in Cyprus, Emanuelle is in control of his estate, but life is not so easy as the hitman is out to blackmail her and drag down her stepdaughter into his perverted world. Also starring amazing Livia Russo.

Henri Sala - Jambe en l'air à Bangkok (1975)

from IMDB:
Patrick is the secretary of Ducas, a rich industrialist; he is also his boss's provider of erotic entertainment. To further his imagination, and no expenses asked, he travels to Bangkok to study the local massage parlors. On the side, he takes six other commissions that he intends to fulfill well. Only, two young adventurers, Anna and Dorothée will cross his path, and make his jobs really difficult. Written by Artemis-9

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Peter Savage - Sylvia AKA A Saint, a Woman, a Devil (1977)


Sylvia is seemingly a quiet, reserved, saintly person living on a quiet, reserved well-manicured street in upper-middle class suburbia. However, Sylvia is hiding a secret - she has a multiple promiscuous personality disorder. However, one of her other personas is about to cross the line.

Donald Cammell - Wild Side [Director's Cut] (1995)

Summary taken from

A bank accountant, whom moonlights as a high-priced call girl, becomes embroiled in the lives of a money launderer, his seductive wife, and his bodyguard whom blackmails her to help the FBI entrap him with his latest money laundering scheme.

Jean Rollin - La morte vivante aka The Living Dead Girl (1982)


Thought of by some as the last truly great film of Jean Rollin's career, the 1982 feature La Morte Vivante (The Living Dead Girl) is a fascinating but flawed feature graced with two of the most unforgettable performances in all of Rollin's canon. A frustrating work brought to life by some of the most iconic imagery seen in a Rollin film, The Living Dead Girl is a simultaneously ferocious and poetic work deserving of its reputation as one of Rollin's most important films...

Nick Millard - Threes, Menage a Trois aka Threes (1968)

Meet a couple of hipster swingers addicted to love. He's a novelist and she's a leather fetishist who provides valuable and stimulating research for his lurid erotic adventure tales! Their open marriage allows the couple to travel a delirious, flesh-filled but barren human landscape where endless carnal thrills can take their toll on the soul! Jane Lako plays a randy housewife who begins an affair with Czechoslavakian secret agent John D. White. When White is thrown out of the country, Lako goes wacko. She downs several bottles of rotgut, has violent sex with her husband, then kills him. Follow their descent into depravity in this rare exploitation gem.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fred Halsted - Sextool (1975)

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The last of this loose trilogy is Sextool. This is probably the most complex of Halsted's films, with radical narrative shifts and some of the — still — raunchiest sex scenes in all of non-amteur gay porn. Sextool features the director's trademark faceless machos: a pair of cops who shove their nightstick up a trick 's ass, and a group of sweaty gangbangers who whip, fuck, and fist a cornfed blonde sailor on a bunk bed without a mattress. This scene offers a distillation of Halsted's world-view. The ruthless abuse of the neatly dressed, boyish, sweet-faced sailor is the director's most pointed assault on everything wholesome that he hated in postwar American culture. The sailor-boy's enthusiastic acceptance of his abuse is Halsted's proof that the mindless "goodness" and optimism of the rising middle class deserved to be attacked, and he does it with gusto. Like the sailor, Joey Yale appears as a too-willing bottom, eagerly embracing the authentic abuse that the real Fred Halsted dishes out. Sadly, the culture wasn't as accommodating as Yale; these films were censored and remain difficult, and in the case of Sextool, virtually impossible to see (much less own) even today outside rare cinematheque and museum screenings.

Dag Yngvesson - Rated X: A Journey Through Porn (1999)

In this insiders look at life in the porn business, filmmaker Dag Yngvesson speaks with both naïve newcomers and seasoned skin-flick veterans to offer a revealing portrait of cinema's most controversial cash cows. By exploring the routes both into and out of the porn business, Yngvesson discovers that the adult film industry has taken on an unprecedented air of legitimacy despite lingering taboos. It didn't happen overnight though, and in addition to exploring such lingering issues as sexually transmitted diseases, racism, and misogyny, Yngvesson digs deep to offer a studied look at the progression of porn thus far, and an intriguing look at where the business may be headed in the future. After spending several months behind the scenes, Dag is asked by a desperate porn director to shoot his next project. Although extremely reluctant at first, he accepts on the premise that he can fully document the whole experience. What results is an inside look at the trails and tribulations of shooting a porn flick, that turns into a more personal portrait of the star, Jeanna Fine. Although she is a ten year pornography veteran, her many battles with drugs and self destruction make her an unlikely long term survivor in the industry, as well as a wife and new mother.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yûji Makiguchi - Gyokuwarijin Yuki: nishi no kuruwa yûzukirô aka Virgin Breaker Yuki II (1976)

Summary: In the slower sequel Yuki thinks she's finally found love after some studly service, but as you might expected, things don't quite turn out the way she expected.

Yûji Makiguchi - Gyokuwarijin Yuki (1975)

KentaiFilms wrote:
Based on a porno manga by Kosuke Miki and Tadashi Matsumori, this pair of short features follow the adventures of Yuki, who works in a Kyoto red-light district house of ill repute as a "tamawari," or "virgin-breaker." She's the gal who gets first dibs on the new recruits to the brothel (some willing, some not), and it's her job to break them in for future clients. The first film finds Yuki involved with a group of political rebels, and in the slower sequel Yuki thinks she's finally found love after some studly service, but as you might expected, things don't quite turn out the way she expected.

The first two films from director Yuji Makiguchi, these over-the-top sexploitation entries aren't as humorous or crazy as the works of fellow Toei filmmakers Norifumi Suzuki or (ahem) Teruo Ishii, but walk a very fine line between black humor and severe cruelty.

Mark Page - Sex in ’69: The Sexual Revolution in America (2009)


Travel back to 1969 and uncover fascinating trends, people and events that forever changed the way Americans think about and have sex. Viewers will travel from the Playboy Penthouse in Los Angeles to San Francisco's Hippie crash pads, the boardwalk in Atlantic City, a court room in Miami, and other spots across America to meet some of the women and men who found themselves caught between old values and new desires in 1969, and decided to do something about it. Some of them, like Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, actor Jim Brown, and Ray Manzarek of The Doors, will be famous. Others will be average Americans whose lives were transformed by the sexual tides coursing through the nation as the Sixties came to a close. But they will all have one thing in common—they will all have fascinating stories to tell.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anthony Spinelli - Suckula (1973)

This movie is part of Alpha Blue Archive’s Satanic Sickies series.

(description from ABA):
Wacky early 70's account of Count Dracula loose in Hollywood.

Takao Nakano - Kiseichuu: kiraa pusshii aka Killer Pussy (2004)


Five teenagers enter a deserted jungle and trespass inside an abandoned house only to haunted by a woman with a monster hidden inside her reproductive organs...

Émilie Jouvet - Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts, a Queer X Show (2010)

Synopsis/Background wrote:
A documentary road-movie about 7 young women's artists on tour on a bus, all over Europe this summer, who create on stage a manifesto on feminism, sex, art and education.

The new film from Emilie Jouvet (One Night Stand) is a radical and racy road-romp featuring American and European activists, artists, writers, sex workers and porn stars as they embark on a sex-positive stage show tour through Europe in the summer of 2009. Join these lascivious ladies as they open up their legs and invite you into their colorful world of feminist performance art.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doris Wishman - Diary of a Nudist (1961)


From imdb:

Quite honestly, this film is crap. It's laughably written, woodenly acted, badly filmed and dubbed, and contains only a wisp of a plot. It's also pretty boring. And yet, I couldn't look away! Must have been the wall-to-wall nudity, the whole raison d'etre of this turkey.

It's quite refreshing to see so many beautiful naked women circa 1961. There's no silicone to be found, and these women look happy, healthy and well tanned. Watching them cavort for the length of this movie is a pleasure, but it's the only pleasure you'll get out of this lame duck.

The nudity must have been racy in its day, but today it's strictly PG. There's plenty of breasts and buttocks, both male and female, but none of the nasty bits. In fact, all the nudists either cover their genitalia with some object - a newspaper, a towel - or, they deliberately turn their hips away from the camera as they walk by. At one point there's a volleyball game taking place: the team with their backs to the camera is completely nude, but the team facing it are all wearing swimsuit bottoms. It's pretty silly stuff, but the charm lies in seeing such an abundant display of T&A in such an old film.

Joseph W. Sarno - A Touch of Genie (1974)


Plot Synopsis:

A Greenwich Village nerd finds an ancient jar and inadvertantly releases a wish-granting genie. Despite interference from his mother and his best friend, he uses the opportunity to indulge his sexual fantasies, which are based on porn movies he's seen.

Chris Monte - Nooner (1986)

Plot Synopsis:

An office computer with a mind of its own instructs a timid data processing clerk in how to get promoted the same way the company's current do-nothing managers did.

Peeter Urbla – Balti armastuslood (1992)


Three episodes from three Baltic nations, all about lost love. In Estonia a political prisoner is set free. Meanwhile his best friend had stolen his girl and now defends his political cowardice: "Some of us must be left outside the prisons to pursue the political fight." - In Latvia a Russian soldier has a Latvian girlfriend. Her Latvian friends accept her boyfriend. But his two closest soldier friends beat him up, tear the clothes of his girl and threaten to rape her. The loving couple understands that they cannot continue their relationship. - In Lithuania a priest student and an Estonian stripper fall in deep love. The student's uncle is an enlightened priest who says: "I bless you whatever road you choose to go." The couple sleep together and agree to meet at the railway station the next morning and go to Estonia. But when the student comes home his uncle has died... (written by Max Scharnberg)

Roberta Findlay - The Playgirl (1982)

Another great production from that era. It stars one of the all-time greats, Veronica Hart, who was probably the best actress to appear in adult films and no slouch when it came to the sex, either. In this movie she plays a liberated woman determined to enjoy her life and her sexuality on her own terms. Veronica was one of a handful of stars in those years who was always classy no matter what she was doing. So was co-star Candida Royale, seen here before she got behind the camera. Tiffany Clark was also a pretty and worthy performer. Plus there's Merle Michaels, one of the great unsung heroines of erotica. Her performances were just about always outstanding and she often outshone bigger names starring with her.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Max Pécas - Une femme aux abois AKA The Slave (1962)

From the catalog:
Lovely Evelyn and her hunky boy-toy Bob are happily enjoying an extramarital French-countryside romp in an elegant cottage when Evelyn’s older half-brother Maurice and his spooky-but-shapely sex-bomb girlfriend come sauntering in with a gun, a briefcase full of cash, and some naked pictures of his sis when she was a desperate young model who didn’t know any better. There’s been a robbery and a shooting, and nasty Maurice is on the lam and doesn’t have much to lose.

Leonard Kirtman - Loves of Lolita (1984)

A young woman takes her first steps into the world of sexuality...

? - Swedish Erotica Superstars featuring Bridgette Monet (1983)

Four stories presented by Bridgette Monet, featuring a real superstar cast!..

Sunday, September 15, 2013

José Bénazéraf - Frustration aka The Chambermaid's Dream (1971)

"This French film is a combination psychological drama and softcore porn film. The story revolves around the fantasies of a disturbed woman whose love interests begin in childhood with her father, and later devolve onto her mother. In the film, she has already transferred her obsessions to her sister and her sister's husband. She fantasizes them having all sorts of sexual encounters. One day she walks in on them while they are having sex and joins in. This change from fantasy to real experience does her no good, and the story reaches a tragic conclusion."