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Stanley A. Long - Naughty: A Report on Pornography and Erotica Throughthe Ages (1971)


Naughty, or rather 'Naughty- A Report on Pornography and Erotica Through The Ages', to give the film its full title and M.O. holds more documentary worth, its part 360 degree snapshot of the early 70's British sex industry and part re-enactments of the goings on of their Victorian predecessors while the first twenty minutes or so is a report on the world's first pornographic film festival which had been held in Amsterdam at the end of 1970. Organized through the underground newspaper Suck, The Wet Dream Festival, which showcased four days worth of pornographic films from around the globe, was the brainchild of one Jim Haynes, a leading figure in the British underground scene of the 1960s, who viewed the production and exhibition of pornography as a revolutionary act to challenge the status quo. “I’m just interested in freedom, extreme libertarianism, the right for anyone to see, eat and do whatever they want” claims Jim, who comes across as a likeable mixture of intellectual and old fashion mischief maker. Long's camera was there to capture it all, from tame clips from the films themselves, interviews with audience members (“I‘ve never seen so many genital organs and vaginas in all my life” claims one) brief glimpses of guests like Germaine Greer and Al Goldstein plus the priceless sight of Jim’s hippy entourage taking over the town's local cinema which had been playing Hell in the Pacific, but where for one night only Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune have to step aside for films featuring as one of Jim’s entourage puts it "people fucking, being sucked, women with dogs, flagellation, the juxtaposition of this will freak people out".

Jesus Franco - Sie tötete in Ekstase aka She Killed in Ecstasy (1971)

Jesus Franco has made so many movies that it's almost inevitable that he will occasionally get one right. This is one of those movies where his bizarro and repetitive plots, his pan-and-zoom-happy cinematography and his obtrusive jazz score all manage to gel for a pretty dumb but thoroughly enjoyable movie. It helps, of course, that this was one of only four films he made with the incredible Soledad Miranda before her untimely death.

There's no denying that Franco's regular collaborator (and wife), Lina Romay, was a very sexy actress in her prime and has become something of a legend in her own right, but she is a pale shadow of Soledad Miranda, who was if anything even more beautiful and had a class and talent that none of Franco's later actresses could hope to achieve.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kang-sheng Lee - Bang bang wo ai shen AKA Help Me Eros (2007)

The main story is about Shen's character, an unemployed suicidal man who has been calling a suicide helpline. A parallel story is of a television chef who specializes in exotic cooking, who plies his overweight, sexually frustrated wife with the foods he cooks on television. In other words, that is the extent of their relationship now. There is excessive loneliness in this film. Kang Sheng's character also grows marijuana in his apartment and this helps garner the attention of hostess girls who are working in a bar below his apartment. To a one, the ladies are all young and sexy. The wife of the chef, it turns out, works at the suicide helpline, so there is the connection between her and Kang Sheng's character. Like many of Ming Liang's films, the city of Taipei is a co-star, ultra modern, detached and noisy. There are scenes which are darkly comic, thought provoking and sad

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Jean Rollin - Le frisson des vampires aka Shiver of the Vampires (1971)


Jean Rollin’s third feature film Le Frisson des Vampires, alternately known as Thrill of the Vampires, Shiver of the Vampires and Sex and the Vampire, is one of the key works in his impressive filmography. A perfect melding of all of Rollin’s thematic obsessions, Le Frisson des Vampires is the director’s first masterpiece and one of his greatest achievements.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sokrates Kapsaskis & Doris Wishman - O Zestos minas Avgoustos AKA The Hot Month of August (1966)

 Sokrates Kapsaskis & Doris Wishman   O Zestos minas Avgoustos AKA The Hot Month of August (1966)



While vacationing in Greece with her second husband, Louis Silverman (although she wasn’t all that keen in taking his surname in marriage, director DORIS WISHMAN was more than happy to add her hubby’s handle to her ever-expanding list of pseudonyms), Wishman stumbled upon a small-time film company in desperate need of funds, ultimately returning home with the rights to The Hot Month of August and Passion Fever – purloining both productions for less than $4000. En route back to New York, Doris absentmindedly left her briefcase containing both August and Fever’s translated scripts on a train, forcing her to rewrite the narratives from scratch while overdubbing the original dialogue (a prevalent practice throughout her entire career).

Wes Craven, Andrzej Kostenko & Karl Martine - The Evolution of Snuff(1978)


Clarke Fountain, wrote:
Rather than being just another exploitation documentary, designed to re-use footage from unprofitable porn films, this feature explores the social circumstances which gave rise to the legend of the "snuff" film, and the conditions present (in 1976) in the porn film industry in general. Sex performers and all the others involved in making such films are interviewed about their work and why they do it. The filmmaker, himself well-known for making "soft"-porn films, was so incensed by the snuff-film trend that he made this exposé of the hard-core pornography industry. The Evolution of Snuff includes a forward by Roman Polanski, who was experiencing legal difficulties in the U.S. at the time.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Claude Bernard-Aubert - Chattes en chaleur (1979)

When Bernard comes home from work (never-mentioned) he is welcomed by his wife Nincia and her servant Van. He is given a bath and a massage before the evening meal. The two women are Asian (well, better not dwell upon that ...) as is the food and everything else in Bernard's life.

But Nincia fears that Bernard might get tired of her and tells her best friend (Li?) about it. She suggests offering him a second wife, discarding Van who must remain Nincia's servant. When three girls enter the lounge, we immediately know that the wedding night has come for Bernard who is intoduced to Lo Yan (sounds like Lorianne), Ty Lan (seen only for a few seconds) and the Li. (You would say that this seems to be the perfect time to watch the news on TV. Well no, not this time...). He begins the wedding meal with his new wife but very soon all of the participants start the REAL fiesta!

Michel Lemoine - L'amour aux sports d'hiver aka Marilyn (1981)

IMDb User Review No 1:

Alice, a shy girl joins Gabrielle Pontrello and some horny friends for hot fun on a chatelet in the French alps. Hot sex scenes and nice other girls.

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Rolf Peter Kahl - Bedways (2010)


A huge, run-down apartment in Berlin Mitte. Two women and a man, rehearsals for a movie about love and sex, that will never be shot. Acting and reality mingle into a dangerous melange. Berlin is the shelter, love is impossible, flesh is the law.

Director Nina Bader wants to shoot a film about love and sex and invites her actor-friends Hans and Marie for screen tests for a couple of days. For Nina love is not necessarily a matter of emotion – she is rather looking for an authentic depiction of sex. The intimate collaboration turns into experiments with film, love and bodies and finally has an impact on the private relationships between the three of them. It seems that the boundaries between acting and reality begin to disappear.

Carl Andersen - Jungfrau am Abgrund AKA Mondo Weirdo (1990)


this is all imdb says about this film - Young girl becomes Alice in dreamland during menstruation. Wild dreams and nightmares about sexuality, vampirism, death, obsessions and other bizarre things.
The film visualizes the erotic nightmares of a girl, who, after a negative experience, suspects sex and violence behind every door. Without showing any emotions, Jessica F. Manera walks through her grotesque inner life, which seems to be turned inside out. This is pure horror and pornography. Sometimes, when things are exaggerated, the horror becomes comic, even in the darkness of the black-and-white film. It is not a relaxed, but overexcited and depressive cheerfulness, a shrill and anarchic orgy of rock music and fantasies about sex and violence.

Claude Mulot - Blue Ecstasy AKA Experiments in Blue (1976)


A married couple is introduced to us. The movie starts with some erotic flashbacks of their first wedding anniversaries. Being bored after four years of marriage the wife searches for new amorous challenges. She is a beautiful curvy green-eyed woman, far from innocent.
An opportunity arises when the husband is on a business trip to London where he has a love affair. In a sauna the wife seduces her Indian-looking house maid. Next she persuades a parking attendant not to write her a parking ticket - in a phone box she starts blowing his dick. Suddenly an impatient guy arrives. While the traffic warden pretends to make a phone call she jerks him off. From the wall of a restaurant toilet she gets the phone number of a horny couple. The woman quickly comes to the point. She sticks a finger in our heroine's ass.

Jesus Franco - Necronomicon - Geträumte Sünden AKA Succubus (1968)


The films of Jess Franco are something of an acquired taste, especially those from his psychedelic period in the late 1960s. It was during that period that he began to be allowed freedom of creativity from his producers, a move not everyone would agree was a good thing. But for those who appreciate them, Franco's pictures have a weird sexiness and bold strangeness that often careens into the surreal.

The plot is somewhat on the cryptic side, but the essentials are that Lorna (Janine Reynaud) stars in a Lisbon nightclub act that combines sex and snuff for decadent onlookers, and she has a somewhat strained romantic relationship with promoter Bill Mulway. In between attending bizarre parties and having even stranger dreams, a mysterious man, is releasing Lorna's inner demon, making her an insatiable sex object with a thirst for blood.

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 7 (1990 - 2008)

«I will not make any more boring art» : this resolution that appears in a sequence of Glimpse 7 seems to sum up Roy Stuart's film projects. Filming sex in all its aspects, without falling into a verbal discourse and without succumbing to the comfort of porno. It doesn't fit into films about ordinary, smooth sex that makes the covers of popular magazines and advertisments. Nor into films that are made for increasing rows of viewers who come to view a throw away blue film, perfect for a quick gratification but poor in imagination...

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 6 (1990 - 2008)

Roy Stuart (born October 25, 1942 in New York City) is an American photographer and director who lives in Paris. His books are published by Taschen.
One of the characteristics of the photographs of Roy Stuart is an astute blending of glamour photography and pornography which puts a strong emphasis on female models and BDSM aesthetics.
His work has proven to be popular at KG "Giulia" link and "The Fourth Body"link He is also seen in "Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 1"link
Now Roy Stuart concentrates primarily on filmmaking but still takes photographs focussing on the female form and erotica.

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Roy Stuart - Glimpse 5 (1990 - 2008)

Roy Stuart (born October 25, 1942 in New York City) is an American photographer and director who lives in Paris. His books are published by Taschen.
One of the characteristics of the photographs of Roy Stuart is an astute blending of glamour photography and pornography which puts a strong emphasis on female models and BDSM aesthetics.
His work has proven to be popular at KG "Giulia" link and "The Fourth Body"link He is also seen in "Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 1"link
Now Roy Stuart concentrates primarily on filmmaking but still takes photographs focussing on the female form and erotica.

Roy Stuart - Roy Stuart: V (2008)

In his new book, the fifth to date, Roy Stuart hones this exploration into something more forthright, close to film. The photos "tell" short stories, like short films, and the models become actors, their movements caught in freeze frame studies, between portrait and narrative. Sex is more explicit, while retaining some of the mystery characteristic of erotic images. A DVD, which comes with the book, contains several scenes from which the photos are taken, with extracts from the "Glimpse" DVD series and Stuart's full length feature film, The Lost Door. The overall impression produced by this work is that Stuart has introduced eroticism into pornography, or vice versa. He clouds issues, confuses codes, disorientates and takes risks, all the while behaving as an artist who is exploring a new middle road - fusional, original and hard to follow, but promising. Somewhere between simplistic X-rated films and pure eroticism, between trivial reality and abortive dreams, he seeks and finds a third way, the royal way.

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 10 (1990 - 2010)

It's been a long cold winter but Roy Stuart is here to heat things up with his new Glimpse10, the longest and most musical of the series. There is a certain pleasure to find oneself on familiar ground. Anna Bielska starts the show and we're off for two and a half hours of warm reunion where the spectator never feels like a passive voyeur. In fact, the whole Stuart, approach involves participation--big difference from the makers of commercial porno. Truffaut acted in his films, but rather poorly, Stuart as well, but rather well! Often mischievously leading the activities with kung fu action as well as sex action in several sequences where the camera and lighting equipment are often haphazardly included in the scene.

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 8 (2007)

Glimpse 8 does not fit into the imposed norms of common pornography, but seems to trace a figured line between immediate satisfaction and the construction of desire in the image. As the scenes unfold, figuratively, in the accumulation of a kind of monomania of pleasure, fiction takes its shape. One imagines pieces of nostalgia unpacked at the foot of a wall, memories crystallised in urgency, an open, flowing tap and a life devoted to the erotic. Close to the end, there are some troubling moments, some intimate dance numbers, complicit smiles and the recollection of all these girls who played the game.

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 4 (1990 - 2008)

More and more often the photographic sessions were also filmed. These sequences would later be grouped together in The Glimpse Videos, an experimental assemblage very close to the idea of a documentary of his work. The photographic series became more narrative. Stuart grews closer to his dream of the 1970s: cinema. The meeting organized by Dian Hanson with Benedikt Taschen realised itself in the publication of five photo volumes (Roy Stuart I - RSV) which give the author worldwide success, having sold more than 500,000 copies.

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Claude Mulot - Suprêmes jouissances AKA Supreme Delights (1976)


The French porn industry flourished in the mid 1970s with a wealth of creative and modestly budgeted features.
Fearing the demise of legitimate cinema, the government passed the “X-Law” in October of 1976 to limit the
growth of the XXX industry. This effectively withdrew a good deal of the “official” financial support afforded to
these films and often relegated them to specialty theaters. This golden age was deceptively short considering the
tremendous output. The entire affair provides for an interesting story lavishly illustrated with perverse films. An
impressive overview can be found in the indispensable euro-sleaze bible Immoral Tales by Cathal Tohill and Peter

John Amero & Lem Amero - Dynamite (1972)


This is a rather well done production by the Amero brothers, even if this movie is not as bizarre than Bacchanale their previous effort. Obviously being a production from the beginning of the seventies the story is not that complicated and is more an excuse to present a series of sex scenes. But this story is still interesting as we follow an hawker saleswoman who sells sexual aids article and the majority of these encounters are quite amusing. The last one is definitely in the WTF category and it's really hard not to laugh from the beginning to the end. This one takes place in a cinema where Monica Rivers (a ravishing redhead) had a sexual relationship with the manager of the theater (Leon Oriana) in front of the screen while the customers watch a movie when suddenly the lights turn on, they continue normally (or as normally as possible when a crowd watches and applauds) when suddenly Stars and Stripes Forever begins to play and a couple (Kurt Mann and Darcy Brown) comes on stage to tap dance and Kurt Mann smiled as it was the best day of his life. Obviously the others meetings does not equal the greatness of this final, but they all have their moment of fun. If we except Dolly Sharp, Jamie Gillis, Kurt Mann and William Love (apart from this film he was in Deep Throat) the rest of the film cast is composed of one timers. Well known actress [Uta Erickson] who has been in countless New York softcore roughies appears for the last time is this feature. The only real complaint that I can make about this film is that it was not recorded live and the voices were added later in post-synchronization (which is pretty obvious with the voice of Jamie Gillis since it isn't his voice at all) and some of those voices are rather annoying and unpleasant.

Konstantin Seliverstov - I'm Skillful in Love and Pure Art (1999)

Not much info on this one either, SS will have to do it untill some nice russian speaking user takes the time to review this amazing russian director.

Claude Bernard-Aubert - Les Grandes jouisseuses AKA French Erotic Fantasies (1978)

Jean-Louis Vattier has steamy dreams about a neighbour, Brigitte Lahaie. Boundaries between dreams and reality become blurred. He visits a psychiatrist who visits the object of his dreams and eventually they become a reality and a m?nage ? trois with his wife, who has previously experimented with a lesbian lover (Liliane Lemieuvre). The psychiatrist and her maid also get in on the action.

Claude Bernard-Aubert - Bourgeoises en chaleur aka French Gigolo (1977)

The film opens with a 30-something brown-haired woman (Ursula White) approaching the door of a house, turning back and then summoning up the courage to go in. She looks as if she could be Erika Cool's older sister, but does not have such a distinctive face. Daniele Troeger is the maid who takes her coat. She is introduced to a 30-something woman who runs the establishment and is shown a catalogue of men. One picture is of Richard Lemieuvre, but most are of Charlie Schreiner. She is then introduced to a near lookalike in the form of Gabriel Coez. He gives her a good time. We then see him giving a folder of documents to a mature blonde (Amanda) and asking her to sign them. Is she another client?

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Erwin Kneihsl & Robert van Ackeren - Deutschland privat - EineAnthologie des Volksfilms (1980)


"Deutschland privat" is a special project by Robert van Ackeren, who in 1979 asked people to send him their 8mm home movies by placing ads in several magazines in Berlin, Germany. In the ads he announced that he was planning to blow up and mount the best of those movies into a feature documentary to be released in German cinemas. He was surprised how many home movies he received and how generously people allowed him to use them for his feature. Part 1 of "Deutschland privat" gives us typical German home movies of the 1970s, i.e. private holidays, family parties, etc. Part 2 consists of what is now called "amateur porn"; home made 8mm movies featuring real porn action.

Robert Renzulli - Cathy, fille soumise aka Cathy, Submissive Girl (1977)


Cathy is a former prostitute who has come to a little village in Provence. She falls in love with a young farmer, Simon. Her former pimp, Tony, finds her and forces her to work again for him. Cathy tells the truth to Simon who frightens Tony with the help of others villagers. As the couple celebrate the end of Cathy's nightmare, Tony gets killed in a car crash.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Robert van Ackeren & Catharina Zwerenz - Deutschland privat - Im Landder bunten Traume aka Germany private – In the land of colorful dreams(2007)


Germany private – In the land of colorful dreams
The late seventies, the film director Robert van Ackeren advertised in various newspapers and asked for any submission privately filmed a Super-8 material, the unauthorized – of its creators – to an intimate glimpse into the very private life and the Germans will be filmed. The response to the unusual call was overwhelming, so for the planned film had plenty of material available privately Germany, which, fortunately – at least for some viewers – with frivolities pornographic and not just stingy. Now Robert Van Ackeren is who owns the now probably the largest collection of private cine, continued the approach and shows once again what happens between the sixties and the eighties in Germany’s bedrooms and then going elsewhere. The result is – as always when it comes to eroticism – a pure matter of taste, but tend not to speak cinematic Feingeister, for here let’s get to Grobe and preserves, and subtle observations of Teutonic life and joy are more the exception.

Claude Bernard-Aubert - Auto-Stoppeuses En Chaleur AKA Hitch Hikers in Heat (1979)

Classic Brigitte Lahaie film in which she plays a hitch-hiker who is more than generous to repay the favor! A happy husband and his wife are about to leave on vacation, but on the way the husband happily picks up 2 young Danish hitch-hikers and takes them back to a hotel. After this exciting romp the husband is more than willing to pick up Brigitte from the side of the road. Soon he finds himself with Karine Gambier and the action continues...Also stars Karine Gambier, Karen Allan, and Cathy Stewart.

Nathan S. Garfinkel - Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star (2003)


Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star is an extraordinary documentary about porn stars and their stage names. Featuring Ron Jeremy, Marilyn Chambers, Jenna Jameson, Seymore Butts and over 70 more of the world's top porn stars, this film is a fascinating and revealing documentary about adult performers and the origin of their on-screen names. At 57 minutes, the film takes a very significant look at an under appreciated aspect of the porn industry - names. How did Ron Jeremy become known as 'The Hedgehog'? Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star examines this and goes further by asking legitimate porn stars how they came up with their current stage names and what their names would be if they had used the formula - your first pet and the name of the street that you grew up on. What results are some truly amazing and interesting stories intertwined with footage from movies , interviews and public appearances.

Claude Bernard-Aubert - Esclaves sexuelles sur catalogue AKA SarabandePorno (1977)


Philippe & Jean-Pierre enjoy the companionship of several women who's services they have willingly purchased from a female auction. Each time they are unsatisfied with one, they simply return her to the auction and bid on a new one. After a while both men decide to put themselves out to stud, and are purchased as a pair by rich Emmanuelle Paréze. Written by Il Tesoro