Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jerry Douglas - Both Ways (1975)

sarabay1978 (IMDb Review) wrote:
It's folly Erwin, FOLLY!

It's not very often when so-called "pornographic" films mix both straight and gay sex(mainly due to the obvious; the audience will not be aroused), but two films that did, 1972s SCORE and 1975s BOTH WAYS not only interweave the gay sex into the story but are also two of the most unique and innovative hardcore films in existence. While Radley Metzger's 1972 classic Score was an artistic study of swinger culture, Jerry Douglas's 1975 film Both Ways takes a far more intellectual approach to the subject and instead creates a powerful family melodrama.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Roman Nowicki - Fantom Seducer 1 (2005)

Somewhere in a small Eastern European city the dark forces of frustrated lust are given a demonic form. An evil destroyer is unleashed among the city's most beautiful and successful women, and in order to destroy them lust, he releases in them the full force of their most secret and perverted desires. Who is behind this ferocious hellfire of sexual sin that is Fantom Seducer? Watch and find out!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Panagiotis Konstadinou - Exi diestrammenes zitoun dolofono aka SixPerverts Seek Killer (1976)

Description: Wealthy businessman Paul and his wife Mirella decide to spend a few days at a seaside luxurious villa, located at Glyfada. They invite Nancy, who works in Paul's company and her husband George, who is Mirella's secret lover. Along with the 2 couples, comes Alexia, Mirella's protégé , who meets on her way to the villa the young itinerant Michelle and invites him to join them. The 6 residents of the villa begin to conspire against ech other and murder doesn't take long to happen. 6 players, only one killer!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Daniel Daërt - La fureur sexuelle (1975)

Plot: While the bellboy and the cleaning lady of a hotel have sex, a mysterious woman is stealing from the hotel's customers and to reach her goal she even attracts them sexually. So it's up to the hotel detective to find her but will he resist to her charms?

Marino Girolami - Sesso profondo aka Flying Sex (1980)

This is a no-brainer for this site, and only contains a few scenes of actual hardcore. However, the English dubbing is worth the price of admission - in this case free - alone. What to say about this turd? An ice queen takes a plane ride and discovers that flying is her g-spot, or least the gateway to sexual inhibition. As any idiot could guess, this is because of a childhood trauma involving a toy plane - porn psychology 101 - and soon she gets her husband in on the action. The only thing funnier than watching a porn actor rag out his porn actress wife about being a slut, is watching it poorly dubbed, knowing that some jagoff is in a soundbooth trying to make awful lines sound authentic. Rich. A perfect storm of crapola.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Duncan Stewart - The Bride's Initiation (1976)

A just married couple is kidnapped by the Count. The woman is given a tongue bath and the husband is carted off by the chauffeur and given a penis-ectomy. The organ is then presented to a witch who also helps the count. Meanwhile, a detective has been hired by the bride's parents to find them. The count has sex with the kidnapped bride and ejaculates into a cup which is then given to the witch, who mixes it up with some chemicals and gives it to the count to drink. The count then goes out for a ride and spots Carol! He decides that she's the one for him. He sends the chauffeur up to give her a ring, which he later uses the ring to bring her to his lair . The detective has since been captured by the count and "milked of his juices" which is deposited in the same wine glass that the count used before. The witch again mixes the contents into a cocktail for the count. He drinks it then changes...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jesús Franco - Botas Negras, Latigo de Cuero (1983)


Al Pereira is hired by Lina (Candy Coster, who is Lina Romay in a blonde wig, so Lina playing Candy playing Lina), the wife of a wealthy man, to recover some compromising photos. She has sex with him by way of a retainer. In the course of his investigation, Al is obliged to commit a couple of murders... and he's left holding the bag when Lina turns out not to be what she seems to be.

Arthur J. Bressan Jr. - Pleasure Beach (1983)

Synopsis: An early 1980s precondom gay sex classic. The tag line was "Where More than the Surf Is Pounding"...and is it ever! Michael Christopher plays an openly gay lifeguard and Johnny Dawes plays a "straight" one who's starting to question is sexuality. Christopher and Dawes were allegedly lovers when this film and Skin Deep, which I put on line a couple years ago, were made, and this seem to add something "extra" to their love scenes. Or maybe they were both just great actors or super horny, who knows? I found this one line a while back and not in great shape. I've improved the primitive sound some ... but sound isn't what you're interested in, is it?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jack Deveau - Strictly Forbidden (1976)


Synopsis/Background wrote:
"Don.t let Hollywood fool ya! Gay porn filmmakers in the 1970.s were more creative. And Jack Deveau proves it. In this erotically experimental shot entirely in France, director Deveau has statues coming to life in a art museum, who instructs handsome Thomas Jeffries on his inmost desires.

While touring Paris, Thomas is cruised by an older man in a cafe, and then goes to the museum (after the guard has left and locked up). A handsome statue comes to life who embraces and kisses Thomas passionately before leading him into another room. Here, as Thomas lies on a pedestal in his underwear, where two men – a bearded Geek god, the handsome stayue that has come to life embrace Thomas.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jack Deveau - Left-handed (1972)

Synopsis/Background wrote:
Taglines: This is Ray. He is Left Handed.....

Story about an antique dealer, his hustler boyfriend, and their pot dealer -- and the relationships that ensue; Deveau's first film.

This film was the first Hand-in-Hand movie, the first scripted gay porn flic, and the first musically scored gay porn flic. It opened in the same 55th Street Playhouse as Wakefield Poole's Boys in the Sand, just after Boys ended it's 26 week run. The original version had a fisting scene that has been removed in more recent versions. Dialog is dubbed. 8 scenes listed here but it was sold in 6 200' reels.

Antonio D'Agostino - Eva man aka Due sessi in uno (1980)


About the Plot:
A professor conducting lovemaking experiments with people. His favourite subject is Evaman who is a nice looking blond with a bigger dick than her boyfriend. some bad guys want to kidnap Evaman and cut of her genitalia with an axe and everyone has sex and swims around naked in a pool. It might actually be meant as some sort of comedy but we cant be certain.