Monday, December 29, 2014

Neville de Almeida - Matou a Familia e Foi ao Cinema aka Killed the Family and Went to the Movies (1991)


Júlio Bressane's remake: "Killed the Family and Went to the Movies"

From the master of "pornochanchada" Neville de Almeida!

In Rio de Janeiro, after an altercation with his father and mother, a young man named Bebeto kills his family and goes to a movie theater, where he watches four weird vignettes. The first one is about a wealthy woman, Márcia, bored with her marriage, who decides to spend a couple of days alone in her house in Petrópolis. When her best friend Renata unexpectedly arrives to stay with her, they get drunk and something tragic happens. The second one is about a loser who arrives home upset and drunk, and kills his family. The third one is about a tragic repressed lesbian relationship. The last one is about a man addicted to stealing women's underwear.

Yutaka Ohgi - Passions of a Private Secretary (2008)


Inspired by the work of Japanese eroticist Oniroku Dan, this scintillating thriller follows the career trajectory of an executive secretary as she ascends the latter of success and has a chance encounter with an ex-colleague. Before long, she's fallen into a dangerous world of taboo sex and sadomasochism.

Toshiharu Ikeda - Tenshi no harawata 4: Akai inga AKA Angel Guts: Red Porno (1981)


RED PORNO is a sexy and sleazy entry in Nikkatsu's "classic" ANGEL GUTS roman-porn series. This one amps up the sexiness quite a bit over some of the previous entries (which is NEVER a bad thing...) and the storyline, though threadbare, keeps your interest - especially considering the swift 65-minute or so run-time...

A strange and reclusive neighbor becomes obsessed with Nami after seeing her spread in a porn rag entitled (aptly enough...) Red Porno. Meanwhile, a serial-panty-stealer is on the loose in the neighborhood. Is it the same weirdo? - that is the question. The rest of the film is pretty much filler to show tons of near-graphic masturbation and sex scenes...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

? - Broadcast Girl (2009)

Aya Hirai was a unsuccessful news reporter. One day someone took a snapshot of her kissing the director. She was then blackmailed by someone but her career changed dramatically after that… 2 years later, Aya replayed Yuko Fujisaki’s position as the main anchor. Yuko would by al means take back whatever belonged to her. Yuko could not lose her position as the main anchor because her boyfriend was killed by a gun shot in Palestine 6 years ago. She was then…

Chang Ling Yok - Shu Kei: Viva! Island Girl (1996)

Taiwan-born Shu Kei captivated audiences by storm with her naïve-yet-naughty performances in films like Sex and Zen Two and Viva Erotica. This bare-it-all portfolio, shot before her "retirement" from appearing nude in films for good, makes a perfect showcase for her famous come-hither persona and her devilish figure. Whether it's bathing underneath a waterfall, posing on the catwalk in her revealing outfit, or brooding half-naked by the lakeside lodge, watching this now-classic portfolio will make you understand why Shu Kei is rightly regarded as the quintessential Hong Kong sex symbol for 1990's.

Bruno Mattei - Emanuelle fuga dall'inferno AKA Emanuelle In Prison (1983)


From the net:

While four male convicts are being held temporarily in a women's prison, they succeed in taking a group hostage and demand their freedom. The district attorney retaliates by forming a select squad to eliminate the troublemakers and a bloody battle ensues.

Joe D'Amato - Emanuelle - perché violenza alle donne? AKA The Degradation of Emanuelle (1977)


Laura Gemser stars as Emanuelle in one of Joe D'Amato's better 'Black Emanuelle' films, EMANUELLE: PERCHE' VIOLENZA ALLE DONNE? aka THE DEGRADATION OF EMANUELLE. Released around the world cut to pieces this DVD is Uncut and Widescreen. Emanuelle travels the world once again on a crusading mission to report on the abuse and degradation of women at the hands of male-dominated organizations. At her first stop in India she meets up with George Eastman who plays a guru who has discovered the secret of prolonged sexual pleasure. While at the temple she also meets gorgeous Brigitte Petronio and it's not too long before both are 'enjoying' each other's company.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pasquale Fanetti - Games of Desire (1990)



Florence is the unsatisfied wife of a museum director. A worthless his attempts to seduce even in situations outside of the ordinary (one day before him naked in the middle of antiquities). Moreover, the man decided to adopt a boy who, whenever he gets the chance, try to spy on the new mother naked. To resolve the problem we think the maid of the woman who convinced the lady to grant her attentions to other men.

Classic erotic novel _Florentine_ our stretch freely by Guy de Maupassant, cultural references that should (in theory) justify their vision. Soap-opera script with jokes.

Clint Kimbrough - The Young Nurses (1973)


Typical New World/Corman sexploitation medical melodrama, all quite innocent and good fun in a nostalgic way.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Veronika Rocket - Smoker (1983)


Sharon Mitchell is a leftist revolutionary whose sex boutique serves as very effective cover. But now she's blown it big time. One of the vibrators in her shop contained a super-sophisticated bomb. But Sharon lost track of it and sold it to Troye Layn who intends to give it to her girlfriend Diana Sloan. When she gets the gift home and her girl unwraps it, they try it out together. Little do they know that their kinky landlord Davis Christopher is watching through a two-way mirror. When the girls go out for a bite to eat, David steals into their apartment, puts on some of their clothes and makes off with the vibrator. But Sharon is right after him, on the trail of the vibrator, and she's willing to do anything to get it back. An explosive sex comedy from porn's golden age.

David Cardoso - Corpo e Alma de Uma Mulher (1983)


One more erotic early 80's David Cardoso flick, this time directed and wrote by Ody Fraga, starring two of the hottest and non timid Brazilain popualr cinema actresses: Helena Ramos and Matilde Mastrangi.

Stu Segall - The Younger the Better (1982)


From IMDb:
So much porn is amateur night or 1-day crap, so it is refreshing to watch a minor but sleekly professional effort like THE YOUNGER THE BETTER. It has no pretensions and covers no new ground, but is quality adult entertainment.

Jennifer West stars winningly as a hooker who frankly admits she's getting on in years. Though only 34 (the actress and her fictional character too) when this film was made it's true that sex is a youngster's profession, so she and her manager (more confidante than pimp) Ray Wells concoct a scheme for carrying on, by having her teach sweet young things to take over the business, splitting the proceeds.

Heiko Hagemann - Laura's Desires (1979)


Laura is played by 'Karen Hapsburg' (the name used for the same actress in the American 70s film shot in Germany, Playgirls of Munich), a blonde with a sexy overbite. Sitting on a beach, she day dreams of a visit to Hamburg where she showed her sex obsession in nearly every situation she found herself - at a photo shoot, at her friends, at the squash court, in a lift and an air port car park (greatly disconcerting a car thief), culminating in an orgy at a dinner party.

Aurelio Grimaldi - Le buttane AKA The Whores (1994)


Le buttane aka The Whores is a 1994 Italian drama film directed by Aurelio Grimaldi. It was entered into the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

Joseph W. Sarno - Butterflies (1975)


“BUTTERFLIES is the bonafide masterpiece… the best of the three Sarno-Nebe films and probably the sexiest "softcore" film he ever made. If BUTTERFLIES could be called “softcore"...the film was shot hardcore and then the penetration cut out to focus on the reactions and intense chemistry between the performers. Some fleeting moments of hardcore are still present, but this qualifies more as a hard softcore feature which would still be rated X today. Marie Forsa returns as Denise, a beautiful country girl whose life is filled with joy and love for her handsome boyfriend, Freddy. But living in an idyllic existence soon bores her, and she is off to the big city to experience the glamour and glitz for herself. She meets Frank, a dashing nightclub owner who takes her under his wing. But she doesn't take kindly to the fact that she's just one of his stable of women and must choose between the big city life and her dreary farm life.

Joseph W. Sarno - Pandora and the Magic Box (1965)


Believe it or not, director JOE SARNO, the master of serious psycho-sexual drama, actually made a goofball comedy. Pandora and the Magic Box is a parody of Italian muscleman movies, ancient Greek mythology, and a continuous burlesque gag all in one. The well-known myth of Pandora’s Box is interpreted by Sarno’s familiar skinflick ensemble wearing skimpy sequined togas and playing the roles of legendary gods, goddesses, heroes and characters – with more than a bit of poetic license. Filmed entirely on a make-shift stage set (complete with enormous Styrofoam boulders and fake foliage), Pandora and the Magic Box is about as low-budget as it gets, and comparable to the joys of a small-town community-theatre production.

Bob Chinn - Blonde Fire (1978)


Legendary John C. Holmes reprises his role as Johnny Wadd, private detective. This episode in the classic erotic thriller series finds him in exotic South Africa to retrieve a $4,000,000 diamond known as the Blonde Fire.
Porn goddess Seka makes her totally astonishing blue movie debut as an accomplice Wadd acquires to bring home the priceless gem.
Not knowing who to trust, the man with the 7" gun shows an array of women including an uninhibited belly dancer, that a diamond is not the hardest substance on Earth!

Russ Meyer - Black Snake (1973)


Story of a slave revolt on a 19th-century Caribbean island.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kemal Horulu - The Sexualist: A Voyage to the World of Forbidden Love(1973)


Pretentious hippie director Jeffrey Montclair tries to make an educational erotic feature about sex and the signs of the zodiac. Montclair not only has to deal with an impatient and overbearing mob-connected financial backer, but also has his hands full putting up with snobby lead actress Monica.

Bob Chinn - The Seductress (1981)


A sleazy photographer engages a hooker to seduce local politicians so he can secretly take pictures of them having sex to use as blackmail against them.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Mario Mercier - La papesse AKA A Woman Possessed (1975)


Cruel and depraved story of a modern Satanism in the French hinterland. Everything you'd expect and even more than that includes bleeding, beatings, rape. What began as an art cinema, the film then goes into the ongoing action ...

Review: The second attempt of the French esoteric writer Mario Mercie make a movie was a little better than his experiment with «La Goulve». At least the "Pope" is able to look beyond the initial stages of the adepts of magic initiation, but also quite normal people, which the film is quite possible to apply sauce mystical horror, especially if we add the subtitle "demon possession" and promised viewers a hefty portion of erotica. Moreover, without any deception. Let them see the erotic thriller and do not ask too many questions.

Francisco Lara Polop - Christina y la reconversión sexual (1984)


From the back of the box:

"Jewel Shepard is a sexual superstar... A seldom seen erotic entertainment guaranteed to reward!" Mr. Skin

Famed B-movie vixen Jewel Shepard (HOLLYWOOD HOT TUBS, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) stars as Christina Von Belle, the insatiable young heiress known as 'The Playgirl Of The Western World.' But when Christina is kidnapped by a ruthless squad of lesbian commandos (led by infamous Euro-starlet-turned-porn-queen Karin Schubert of BLUEBEARD and BLACK EMANUELLE), she is forced to submit to a shocking ordeal of carnal degradation. For a frightened girl bound by more than desire, is there any limit to the ecstasy of the depraved? And even if Christina can flee her captors, can she escape her own forbidden hungers?

Alexis Neve - Oswalt Kolle: Das Wunder der Liebe II - Sexuelle Partnerschaft (1968)


So much sex wasn't so common in German cinemas! "Is the pill decaying the moral?". "are love technics perverse or normal?", "the impotence phobia" are just a few of Oswalt Kolle cult-film in which he talks freely about his wish to see a world of understanding and tenderness between men and women. But Kolle had to face huge resistances: the FSK (German self-censorship institution) prohibited the movie, a district attorney tryed with any means to put him in jail and the student Left just had mockery and contempt for him.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bethel Buckalew - Sassy Sue (1973)


From IMDB:
Pa, a moonshining chicken farmer, is worried that his dim-witted son Junior is becoming way more attracted to their cow Sassy Sue than he should be, so he sets out to gather up all the nubile young farmgirls in the area and get them to show Junior what he's missing.
- Written by frankfob2

Monday, November 24, 2014

Koji Wakamatsu - Otoko goroshi onna goroshi: hadaka no zyudan (1969)


Description: Welcome in the underworld, on your left there’s some gangsters, on your right be careful there’s shootings, murders, betrayals… Enjoy the jazzy mood !

Three killers stole money and drugs from a gangsters meeting. They left with a hostage and a lot of dead bodies behind. Well, that’s not a big deal for them, they stay relax, and don’t rush to sell the drugs. After the massacre, they just go back to their flat and spend a good time. Except one of them, who decides otherwise. He’s tired of staying there doing nothing, and so leave with the hostage. Does he want to start his life again or he’s just too ambitious ?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Alberto Cavallone - La Gemella erotica (1980)


"Same Face, Same Body, Same Vice!, 3 September 2005
Author: ANTONIO LA TORRE (BCULT) from Palermo, Italy

Two twin sisters are absolutely identical. Physically, but not mentally. In fact first sister is an unbridled nymphomaniac who continually collects sexual embraces. The second is timid and emotional. One day the first wants to involve her ingénue sister in this vicious circle, getting upsetting and unpredictable results. 'La gemella erotica' (Erotic Twin) was shot on Lake of Vico, central Italy. It is one of director Alberto Cavallone's darkest films and one of the most indicative movie about Italian extreme cinema (banned to the minors), now become Cult Cinema. Also titled 'Due gocce d'acqua' (As Two Drops of Water), produced by Euritalia Cinematografica. O.S.T. was composed by maestro Carlo Carnelli. "