Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jesús Franco - Les chatouilleuses (1975)


Central America, circa 1915. lt is the age of revolutions, tyranny, captains and colonels. In a small provincial town, often invaded by some revolutionary group or other, there is a brothel of which the Madame, Simone, and most of the girls, are French. Many of the girls are in love with rebel leader Carlos Ribas, and, when government troops re-occupy the area, they hide him. When the soldiers discover him, they take both him and the girls prisoner. The governor sends the girls off in a cart to amuse the troops, but they manage to escape along the way and take refuge in a convent where they take over the nuns' identities...

Nick Millard - Wendy's Naughty Night (1972)


Coming toward the end of Nick Millard's porno career, Wendy's Naughty Night exemplifies why he gave up the ghost of being an erotic director. Hardcore had arrived and he was too bored to adapt to its pre-eminence in the marketplace.
Running at 90 minutes is the longest of Millard's sexploitation output in the 70's. It can only be enjoyed by fans of Nick's particular oft-appearing fetishes & techniques: lovely female nipples, patent-leather boots, black stockings or patterned hose plus garter belt, shoe/foot fetishism, lesbian sex, softcore tease, harsh lighting & gaudy pastel color schemes.
The single improvement here is Nick's dropping of the annoying female narrator who drives one up the wall reciting his nonsensical purple prose in voice over on dozens of his films.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Andrea Bianchi - Giochi carnali aka Exciting Love Girls (1983)


A sleazy but lighthearted odd couple of thrill-killer rapists drive around picking up young women, raping & brutalizing them. Due to the porn necessity of extended closeup hardcore sex scenes, director Bianchi drags this thin story out interminably and boringly.

Early action is a bit confusing, because one of their pickups turns out to be a transvestite, much to the consternation of the younger of the two perverts, who doesn't find out until he's made it nearly to third base with the cross-dresser. After that scene, the outraged macho character suddenly spends the rest of the film as a transvestite himself -still up to the task of raping the women, but helping out fronting with his partner as if they were a man & woman driving around rather than two creeps. It doesn't help Bianchi's already shaky narrative that our kinky anti-hero isn't the slightest bit convincing posing as a woman.

Jack Deveau - A Night at the Adonis (1978)


"Everybody in New York in the early 80s wound up having a night at the Adonis Theater. From young to old, from leather to prep. They all enjoyed the hedonistic and carefree sexual goings-on. Jack Wrangler stars as a store owner who has designs on his hunky employee Malo aka Roger. From the balcony to a dark boiler room, director Jack Deveau does a fantastic job of showing us customers from young to older, from leather types to clean-cut at the Adonis engaging in all sorts of sexual fantasies. The sex in Jack Deveau's classic all-male film A Night at the Adonis is timeless and still dick-hardening today."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Richard MacLeod - The Ganja Express (1978)


Toni is a smart drug smuggler, living in a luxurious home by the beach. The pot (ganja) producers pack it in crates, take it from Jamaica to a precise point of New England waters, and dump it in the sea. With no apparent connection with them, a couple of scuba-divers later retrieve the crates to their own boat, then take it in an old low-flying biplane to the continent. And then a third party will distribute to the consumers. The Narcotics Bureau has its informers, of course, but it seems the monthly Ganja Express can't be stopped. Eventually it will come ashore, in a mix of sex and violence, during an orgy at Toni's place.

Zebedy Colt - The Devil Inside Her (1977)


Film Review

Oh, those filthy Puritans! This must be the work of the devil! Who knew you could do porn while playing to a classical literary device? Apparently, Zebedy Colt did as he proves with his period piece -- no pun intended -- The Devil Inside Her (1977). The opening credits of the film set the story in "New England 1826." Ezekial Hammond (Colt) toils on his farm with his wife and two coming-of-age daughters.

One afternoon, Ezekiel discovers Faith (Terri Hall) kissing his hired help, Joseph (Tait). He orders her to strip and provides her with a healthy dose of lashes and Joseph runs into the wilderness. It is there, that he meets Satan who overtakes Joseph and enters the farm to smite all things pure. Satan then sets out to possess every member of the small clan to defile their puritan sensibilities. Once Ezekiel has discovered his plot to sacrifice Faith at the alter, he sets out to foil Satan's plan--but not before several members of his clan are forcefully DP'd and golden showered.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Carlos Aured - El fontanero, su mujer, y otras cosas de meter... (1981)


"The Plumber, his wife, and other things he plunged into ..." is a Spanish sex farce featuring Lina Romay, Ricardo Díaz and Montserrat Prous. Romay is married to a plumber, but ends up in ... er ... hot water when he returns home and finds her in bed with his best friend. There is nothing for him to do but visit his friend's wife and return the favor. That encounter proves somewhat less than ideal when she wears him out then continues the sex with a toilet plunger. He then puts his own plunger inside a steady procession of female customers. Finally, Lina Romay and Montserrat Prous get together as only horny women can. The plumber is assisted by his young apprentice when the sexual opportunities are too demanding.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Radley Metzger - Score (1974)


Having explored heterosexual obsessions in the critically acclaimed Camille 2000 and The Lickerish Quartet, cult erotic director Radley Metzger goes all the way in Score, a tale of a happily married swinging couple (Claire Wilbur and Gerald Grant), who make a bet that they can seduce a couple of naive newlyweds (Lynn Lowry and Cal Culver) during a weekend get-together at their luxury villa on the Riviera.

An erotic classic, populated with strikingly beautiful people who are into free love, dressing up and the fine art of seduction. Now presented for the first time in the Uncut, Uncensored version. Adults only!
Source: The DVD Box

Candida Royalle - Three Daughters (1986)


In 1986, Candida Royale retired from performing in hard core films, and decided to make some of her own, but with a huge difference from the norm. She wanted to create hard core films that portrayed healthy consensual sex in a way that would serve as a positive role model, and appeal to women. In researching for the screenplay, she read a lot of women's erotica, and noticed that a frequent theme was the perfect first time, so that became the basis for her script. Three Daughters (1986) is a coming of age story, and a tool used by many sex therapists as an example of normal, healthy sexuality. It is also a serious attempt to incorporate hard core sex footage into a mainstream Hollywood style film and reach a larger audience. Does it work? You be the judge.