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Koyu Ohara - Sudojo Lucia: kegasu AKA Sins of Sister Lucia (1978)


SINS OF SISTER LUCIA is the story of Rumiko, the manipulative and dissolute daughter of a wealthy businessman who is discovered by her father in the midst of appalling larcenous and sexual acts. The prim daughters of Japanese tycoons do not engage in such behavior, so to correct Rumiko, she is sent to a convent. The traditional methods of “sisterly” redirection do not seem to work on the rebellious and defiant girl, even after she is indoctrinated as “Sister Lucia”. Before long punishments of all types are visited against Sister Lucia, but during one spell of restraint and confinement, two escaped convicts stumble upon our helpless heroine, they ravish her and in a fit of patient diplomacy, she convinces them to help turn the tables on her oppressors, but not for long. Eventually another turnabout is orchestrated landing “Lucia” in an even more dreadful predicament. What started as an intensely seductive cinematic affair erupts into an orgy of licentious and salaciously lewd acts that would delight any devotee of Japanese debauchery.

Jim Wynorski - Hard Bounty (1995)


After years of bringing in desperadoes more dead than alive, Martin B. Kanning, a notorious bounty hunter, hangs up his guns to become the owner of Boomtown Saloon. However, owning a business isn't the vacation he envisioned, as he finds himself the mediator to a bevy of working girls, including Donnie, a curvaceous fireball with whom he takes a very personal interest. When one of the girls is brutally murdered by a local land baron, Kanning finds himself caught between the law and three bad girls wielding Colt .45s and a bitter taste for revenge. He rides off in hot pursuit of the killer with Donnie and the others, ensuring that justice will be served. It all climaxes with a nerve-shattering, three-way shootout at high noon in this fast-moving Western that helps put the "wild" back into the Wild West.

Chris Warfield - Cathouse Fever (1984)


Shy and reserved Los Angeles-based secretary Becky yearns to have a more eventful and exciting sex life. Dissatisfied with making due with her carnal fantasies, Becky decides to leave Los Angeles and goes to Las Vegas to work as a legal prostitute at a brothel where she hopes to find the sensual fulfillment that has so far eluded her in her life.

Shy and reserved Los Angeles-based secretary Becky (a solid and appealing performance by fetching brunette Becky Savage) yearns for a more eventful and exciting sex life. Dissatisfied with making due with her carnal fantasies, Becky leaves Los Angeles and moves to Las Vegas to work as a legal prostitute at a brothel where she hopes to find the sensual fulfillment that has eluded her so far in her life.

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Roberta Findlay - Glitter (1983)



Following the death of his father, painfully shy David Preston (a subdued Jerry Butler) finds himself pressed into duty as new chairman at the Glitter advertising agency, a task he's clearly not up to as brow-beating bitchy exec "MS." Benson can't resist pointing out when they first meet. Cursed with an oh so '80s loose perm, the incomparable Marlene Willoughby has a field day camping it up, effortlessly hijacking each of too few scenes she's in. Too bad her sole sex scene, with fellow fornication film veteran Ashley Moore, proves such a damp squib, sabotaged by sloppy editing. A chance encounter with old buddy and prodigious ladies man Brad (Christopher Reeve lookalike Michael Knight) and the introduction of a temperamentally contrasting modeling team at the office push David down the road to assertiveness. Kelly Nichols shines as protective, dyed in the wool Marcie, looking out for innocent little Amy (the late, lamented Shauna Grant at her most rigidly guarded), who naturally falls head over heels for her equally awkward employer.

Unknown - Hedonistic Communication (1970)

HEDONISTIC COMMUNICATION / IRM ED SOMMER / KONTAKTE / ICH DU UND ICH is the title of this super obscure experimental short film including also explicit sex.
Very raw and primitive, it features a great soundtrack made of amazing psychedelic abstract electronic music (the song is "I Of IV" by electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros), which is probably what makes this short some kind of mesmerizing experience.
We can only suppose the short is german, since the only information besides the title is the name of the "actors" involved, and they sound german (F. Scherz, Gabi Kaa, Hartmut Kaa).
We don't know the name of the director, nor the year, even though it should be from the very early 70s (if not earlier).

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Various - X Femmes (Various)


X Femmes (English: X Women) is a French television series of short films shown on Canal+ in 2008–2009. They were shot by female directors with the goal of producing erotica and soft-core pornography from a female point of view.


Season 1 – Original air date 25 October 2008

1. Le bijou indiscret (The jewel indiscreet).
Director: Arielle Dombasle.
Stars: Arielle Dombasle, Jérémie Elkaïm and Paz de la Huerta

Gary Graver - I Want to Be Bad (1984)


After suspecting Charlie cheats on her, his wife Jan is seduced by his friend Fred Appleby. Later on, she forces herself on a young delivery guy once he admits of also being a porn star, but he eventually continues it consensually.

Don Schain - Too Hot to Handle (1977)



Gorgeous blonde assassin Samantha Fox accepts a contract to liquidate a quintet of gangsters in the Philippines. Problems ensue when she falls in love with the Manila detective investigating the killings. Plenty of sleaze, sex and action in this actioner filmed on location.

Hans Billian - Die Beichte der Josefine Mutzenbacher (1978)


(taken from imdb)
Yet another Euro film based on the memoirs of goodtime gal Josephine Mutzenbacher (aside from several softcore, there were also the XXX SENSATIONAL JANINE and PROFESSIONAL JANINE). All credits are pseudonymous in the US video version. Several of the plot incidents are also found in PROFESSIONAL JANINE. Among the familiar set pieces are the party at the tavern, including the orchestra, and the missing watch scene.

Josephine, a somewhat hard-looking redhead in her late 20s (Jane Iwanoff), shacked up with a businessman in the city, gets a visit from her country cousin Veronica, whom she initiates into the trade (though I'd say, watching Veronica in action, that she's been there before). After Jo's b.f. catches them partying, the girls have to make their own way, eventually seducing an *old* guy they meet at a brothel into financing a whorehouse of their own.

Antonio Maenza Blasco - Orfeo filmado en el campo de batalla (1969)


NB: there is no audio track: Maenza's films were never mastered or fitted with sound. This rip comes from a digitized work print. His films were sometimes screened with live voice performance commenting on and/or enacting what unrolls visually. The text that was read by performers during the few screenings this had at the time it was made can be read HERE (or via googletranslate)

In December 1968 I participated in the film Orpheus Shot on the Battlefield, which originated as a collective work, a movie without an author, but which would ultimately be attributed to Antonio Maenza in the end even though he only played the role of the director in the film. The film, which was never provided a soundtrack, was screened on several occasions with a soundtrack performed live consisting of a text for three voices and a number of musical pieces, among which were the "descent into hell" from the opera L'Orfeo by Monteverdi in the version by Edward H. Tarr, released in 1968 by Erato, "New York 1963 - America 1968" from Every One of Us by Eric Burdon and the Animals; and "The Return of the Son of the Monster Magnet" from Freak Out by [Frank Zappa and] The Mothers of Invention. After the "state of emergency" in January 1969, an epilogue was shot but it was never developed.

Hubert Frank - Vanessa (1977)


Vanessa is a knock off of the Emanuelle series. Its not a particularly good movie, but its classy erotica. Olivia Pascal cannot act to save her life, but man is she gorgeous to look at! The cinematography is top notch, with lots of early playboy style lighting and soft focus. The movie also features the mandatory "taboo" scene of that era with a nun spanking the exquisitely delicious bare butt of Olivia Pascal.

Ruggero Deodato - Una ondata di piacere AKA Waves of Lust (1975)


A young couple becomes embroiled with the personal problems of another couple on a yacht moored off Sicily during a turbulent weekend of fun, games, sex games, betrayal, spouse abuse, and murder.
(Internet Movie Database)

Bitto Albertini - Emanuelle nera AKA Black Emanuelle (1975)


A sexy photographer in Africa

Laura Gemser plays a magazine photographer who is sent to Africa for a photo shoot. There she is met by a couple and other swinging couples. They all stay at this huge, very touristy hotel with a gigantic swimming pool. One night they have a pool party complete with "real live" native dancers. It's very un-politically correct and very kitschy. Later, Emanuelle finally has her photo shoot, which turns out to be in one of those drive-through, stay-in-your-car safaris (albeit the photography is gorgeous). Throughout the film, Emanuelle is going after every man she meets. The photography is very well done in this film. There are scenes with cascading waterfalls, galloping giraffes and ancient ruins. The film is worth seeing for the soundtrack by Nico Fidenco alone.

Joe D'Amato - The Emporer Caligula: The Untold Story AKA Caligula 2 (1982)


from IMDB:

The deranged Roman emperor Gainus 'Caligula' (Little Boots) Caesar (12-41 A.D.) rules Rome with an iron fist and has anyone tortured and exectued for even the slightest insubordination. Mostly set during his last year of his reign, as Caligula loses support due to his brutal and crazed excess, a young Moor woman, named Miriam, becomes his lover while ploting to kill him to avenge the murder of a friend which Caligula was responsible for. But Miriam is torn between her personal vandeda against Caligula and her own personal feelings towards him despite his madness and debauched lifestyle of orgies and bloody torture murders. Written by Matthew Patay

Tim McDonald - Alexandra (1983)


Plot review:

The gorgeous Eve Sternberg makes her one and only screen appearance in this Hustler Highest Rated title that wowed the critics. One of the earliest couples movies.

The plot involves 3 man/woman couples where the men have all dated Alexandra. Alexandra remains a mystery throughout the movie. Alexandra has something in store for these 3 couples though, she wants the guys, girlfriends to think that she is about to tell their boyfriends about their secret sexual shenanigans. This in reality is not what she is planning though. Ok, hope you can follow this plot. The real surprise is saved for a party that Alexandra invites all the couples to at the end of the movie.

Jesus Franco - Frauen im Liebeslager AKA Love Camp (1977)


From IMDB:
outline: A group of women are kidnapped by guerrillas and forced to serve as prostitutes for them in a jungle brothel. The sadistic female warden decapitates uncooperative girls.

Jack Hill - The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974)

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Synopsis: In order to write an expose on how cheerleading demeans women, a reporter for a college newspaper infiltrates the cheerleading squad.

Selected by Quentin Tarantino for the First Quentin Tarantino Film Fest in Austin, Texas, 1996. This movie was also featured in the Satan's Cheerleader Camp Film Fest

Siu-Kei Lee - Lui sik long AKA Indecent Woman (1999)


A young woman's life is ruined when her husband lured his partner to have sex with her in exchange for business favors. For vengeance, she begins to seduce every man that she meets and kills him.

Gary Graver - The Kill aka Reservoir Cats (1968)


Plot description from a commenter at IMDB:

This is a strange movie. It appears someone took an old 70s porno, cut it into a tit flick, and added hilarious voice overs every now and then.

If you want an action movie avoid this. If you want to see a tit flick with dialog so ridiculous it's funny then watch this.

The "plot" revolves around an over wardrobed private eye who has a promiscuous damsel in distress come to him to for help. He vows to stand up for her and yada, yada, yada. You aren't watching this movie for the plot. You are watching this movie because you are bored and want a good chortle.

Svetlana - Ultra Flesh (1980)



In the futuristic 1990s, evil aliens turned the male population into impotent. Alas, the US president is more interested in watching sex performers in his parties, not knowing "the white house's midget" secretly pleasures the buxom first lady under the table. The Intergalactic Patrol then send Ultra Flesh to save Earth. She is equipped with a fantasy about Earth's women and an intergalactic lover. She then hosts a session with the US president and the Russian and Chinese leaders, with the presidential aid watching. Every man is invited to stand in a line of "Fleshette lovers". Ultra Flesh cures her first Fleshette lover, while the Intergalactic Patrol send over Fleshettes as reinforcement. One Fleshette meets a gardener. When Dr. Wissenall discovers "the white house's midget" is the evil alien, he kidnaps and forces himself on the buxom scientist... Written by Anonymous

Renato Polselli - Rivelazioni Di Uno Psichiatra Sul Mondo Perverso Del Sesso AKA Revelations of a Psychiatrist in a World of Perverse Sex (1973)


Very rare XXX mondo-style film in which a psychiatrist explains to his students several stories of sexual deviants. Each vignette begins with the doctor citing a fact-based newspaper/magazine story of abhorrent sexual behavior.
Cult horror director Renato Polselli filmed this extremely sleazy mondo-style documentary under the pseudonym "Ralph Brown." Isarco Ravaioli portrays a supposedly well-known sex researcher who lectures the audience on the theories of Freud and Krafft-Ebing while introducing fairly graphic depictions of orgies, rape, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestism, necrophilia, and even canine bestiality. Despite its laughable narration, this film is quite strong in tone, and is recommended for only the hardiest of viewers.

Yôjirô Takita - Chikan densha: Shitagi kensatsu aka Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl (1984)


harryumotust wrote:
This film is my most favorite flick from Yojiro Takita.
Apparently, it is Naoto Takenaka's first appearance in theatrical movies. He acts as a Japanese novelist "Seicho Matsuki" and Japanese actor "Yusaku (maybe Matsuda)" in this flick.
Also, enjoy Takita's great Special Effects of stopmotion animation at the ending sequence. Tokusatsu fans! Never miss this hidden gem!

Arrrhhh, before you ask, this international version is not censored. No mosaic, no blur. (as far as I browsed.)
However, it is not a modern JAV. Don't expect further features than nipples and hips, young boys.
Enjoy Takita's masterpiece!

Tom Scheuer - Alice Goodbody (1974)


User Commentary from
Alice Goodbody is a comely ingenue, if a bit dense, who wants more than anything to be a Hollywood star. Her big break come when an assistant production manager offers her a role in a project called "Julius Caesar". Thus begins Alice Goodbody's adventure in Hollywood. Most of her adventure is spent performing fellatio on her main Hollywood connection, and flitting about from bed to bed with the biggest pervs in the movie industry. Her career ends up nowhere, sadly, as she is jinxed in every take, being banged-up in various ways on the film sets. This is a really funny sex comedy, one that rise above most other titles in it's sleazy genre.

Gerard Damiano - The Magical Ring AKA Bottom's Up (1971)


A beggar gives a woman a ring in appreciation for an act of kindness. The woman discovers that the ring is actually a magic amulet that can bring all her sexual fantasies to life.
This volume of vulgarity opens with a stinky bum in a sailor’s cap and black face wandering around a park. He eats out of a garbage can until a yummy brunette sitting on a bench takes pity on him and feeds him her sandwich. The vagrant pulls a soiled dollar bill out of his pocket, folds it into a ring and places it on her finger. It magically turns into a beautiful ruby ring.
The ring turns her into an insatiable nymphomaniac. "If I don’t get laid, I’ll just die!" she pants. She dresses up in slutty lingerie and pulls out a sizable rubber schlong. Inserting it into her hairy hole, she gives herself a sheet-clutching orgasm. "I wish it were a real prick." she moans, and - Eureka! A naked stud appears out of thin air, hung like an elk. He sucks her toes. She sucks something of his a little more personal. The ring brings all of her horny wishes to life. She samples women and a few more boneslingers. There’s also a dominitrix segment involving some whippage. After a hop, skip and a hump, she says, "I want more people!" This leads to a sizzling orgy and more toe sucking. In a last minute twist they strangle her with the whip! The ring falls off her cold dead body and another girl puts it on. Crudely made early fetish effort from Damiano.

Stephanie Rothman – The Velvet Vampire (1971)


“Velvet Vampire is a surreal artsy vampire movie from the hippie era ripe with seventies allusions to counter-culture ideology. Unfortunately this movie never quite lives up to its potential. What could have been a chilling in your face anti-establishment message about the hypocrisy of sanctified virtue and man's desire to see his wife metamorphose into his own personal holy whore plays more like a timid low budget exploitation flick. Worse, it's not aged well and may appear to contemporary eyes as more of a farce than the bizarre counterculture homily it is. But it's still a fascinating movie to watch. Well worth renting if you can find a copy.” – Mise-en-scene Crypt

Laente Calicchio & Raffaele Rossi - Coisas Eróticas (1981)