Monday, May 17, 2021

Silk Satin Sex (1983) - Lawrence Talbot


IMDB says: Wealthy lingerie company owner Valerie invites several hopeful female employee prospects to a special private party. Valerie encourages all the women to share their most intimate stories on how they met their husbands as a means of acquiring a much-coveted new available position in her company.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (1995) - Jim Wynorski

 This mundane Erotic Thriller has a very weak plot but is redeemed by the inclusion of surprisingly explicit sex scenes featuring Shannon Tweed. A criminal defense attorney falls prey to the wiles of a beautiful sex psychologist who’s accused of murder, threatening his career, his marriage and his life.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Garage Girls (1981) - Gary Graver

Free Enterprise At Its Very Best

One of the most acclaimed erotic filmmakers in the United States and the world of Robert McCallum, and "GARAGE GIRLS" he has given us a mind-bending, pulse-racing sex romp-from the grease pits of the Garage Girls to the luxurious quarters of their clients. The aura of sex is so strong that you can almost feel it as each of the girls become hotter and hotter! The "GARAGE GIRLS" ride higher and higher to a bursting crescendo of magnificent sex. This is Robert McCallum's ultimate masterwork of Erotica!

Angel Above - The Devil Below (1974) - Dominic Bolla

Description: Comedy: the Devil possesses a young woman's vagina, creating mayhem for her mother and visitors to the house.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Julchen und Jettchen, die verliebten Apothekerstöchter AKA The Amorous Sisters (1982) - Erwin C. Dietrich


 Comedy about some schoolgirls being taught anatomy (of the sexual nature) by the sexually frustrated Barbara Moose. In bed at nighttime the girls practice their daily lessons on each other and on any unsuspecting visitors of the night. When they’re not in class they enjoy frolicking around outside (naked most of the time!) experiencing the joys of nature.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Zwei Daninnen in Lederhosen AKA Love 'n' Leather Pants (1979) - Franz Marischka

Two waitresses get sacked from a sex show nightclub when the police shuts the premises down. The girls steal a car from the Italian boyfriend of one of them and go out into the Alps. In the back of the car they discover little plastic bags with a white powder and think it's heroin, but in reality it's an imported sexual stimulating powder. The Italian boyfriend gets an order from his angry big boss to bring this expensive white powder immediately back.

Révolution [French Cut] (1985) - José Bénazéraf

A coup d'etat turns into a menage a trois when the amorous ambassador from the fictitious South American country of Youraway and his more-than-willing wife [Olinka Hardiman ] pay a state visit to El Presidente at his palace. This sexual revolution is out of control as El Presidente's wife tries a little foreign intervention on the ambassador by adding raunchy new dimensions to the "Good Neighbour Policy". Not to be outdone, El Presidente takes Olinka on a tour of the palace and they soon indulge in a little target practice that proves to be the "Bang Heard Around The World". This is one erotic uprising you will not soon forget.