Friday, January 17, 2020

The Fireworks Woman (1975) - Wes Craven

Angela (Jennifer Jordan) has a problem, she has a magnetic sexual quality that causes other people to be filled with desire for her. The first victim is her brother Peter (Eric Edwards). Ashamed of their behavior, Peter becomes a priest.
Angela, confused by her persistent infatuation with her brother, goes to him for counseling. Peter sends her to work for Mrs. Walters (Erica Eaton), a wealthy member of his congregation. Employed as a maid, Angela is abused by Mrs. Walters and her friend Roger. She leaves and tries to sort things out by sailing alone. After three days at sea and tormented by visions of Peter, Angela falls off the boat and is rescued by a couple who immediately engage her in a three way.
Later, while walking along the docks, she is ravaged by two fishermen. Still dreaming of Peter, she devises a scheme to make him hers once and for all. Throughout all of this, Angela is followed all over town by a mysterious man in a top hat who just might be the Devil himself, or more likely Wes Craven. Hot XXX scenes, including an orgy, a forced violent rape scene, and more explosive action.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Baby Rosemary (1976) - John Hayes

Baby Rosemary follows a sexually suppressed young woman (Sharon Thorpe) through her sexual journeys with her friend John, her student athletes and the residents of her father's hotel residence. The real turning point for Rosemary seems to be when she is attacked in her father's room by a despicable couple who live across the hall and raped by both the man and woman. Cut to several years later and John has matured enough to become a policeman and has to track down Rosemary to inform her of the news of her father's death. Rosemary never really knew her father as she was put up in an orphanage when her mother died. Rosemary brings her sexually charged students to the viewing and they end up sleeping with the funeral director. This all leads to a surreal, dreamlike gathering of everyone Rosemary knows (plus a weird demon guy) having an orgy in the funeral home right next to her deceased father forcing Rosemary into her own personal hell as she screams for her father to save her.

Lezioni private AKA Private Lessons (1975) - Vittorio De Sisti

Trama: Il diciottenne Alessandro, iscritto al conservatorio, è interessato più alla musica che al sesso. Ne insidieranno la virtù la vivace coetanea Emanuela, il di lei fratello gay Gabriele, una servetta di casa e perfino la nuova insegnante di piano.

A sexy piano teacher is the object of desire of one of the young boys in her class. One of his classmates finds out where she lives and hides outside her place, taking pictures of her undressing and writhing naked on her bed. He uses those photos to blackmail her into dressing up and acting like a hooker while teaching the class, and from there things get interesting.

Cérémonie d'amour AKA Love Rites (1988) - Walerian Borowczyk

“Adapted from a short story by André Pieyre de Mandiargues, Love Rites concerns French fashion designer Hugo Arnold, who has set out on the Paris metro to meet a woman about a batch of dresses he’s interested in. On the metro, he meets a beautiful young prostitute named Myriam. Soon, Hugo has forgotten all about his dresses and is devoting his day to following Myriam around the city. Eventually, the two end up at the apartment of Myriam’s friend, Sara Sand. Anyone who can’t guess what happens from there hasn’t seen the disk’s cover art.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sex Psycho AKA The Demon in Miss Jones (1970) - Walt Davis

If one had to pick the most shocking Sexy Shocker so far, it would probably be a toss-up between this perverted gem and the pecker-munching moment in Mad Love Life of a Red Hot Vampire. But this one's special. This one has a malignant perversity that's almost awe inspiring. A triple-XX porno horror comedy from the director of Evil Come Evil Go, it features an young John Holmes, a startling bit of graphic homosexual humping, and surprisingly gory violence.
Greaseball Nick suspects his wife of cheating on him. Nick goes out and buys a meat cleaver but, instead of hacking up Cassidy, he goes over to his girlfriend Eva's home and puts the meat cleaver through the neck of Jerry, Eva's “queer son-of-a-bitch” husband (played by director Walt Davis) who's right in the middle of having sex with Marshall, Eva's bi-sexual brother. Whack! And yes, kiddies, there's nothing quite like opening a heterosexual porn film with gurgling blood and a gay sex scene to totally wake up and disorient its audience. But, wait, it gets worse...

Naked Afternoon (1976) - Alan Colberg

IMDb comment:
The beautiful starlet Abigail Clayton has loyal fans more than 30 years after her brief career sputtered out. That makes NAKED AFTERNOON required viewing; had she become a major star, on the level of Samantha Fox or Jesie St. James, it would be dismissed as ephemeral filler.

Case in point is her co-star here Annette Haven. Haven made so many classic movies that her nothing part here is of little interest to her fan base.

Cornball plot line has Clayton as a young lass trying to make it in Hollywood but hit in the face with reality. She goes for interviews, gets a femme acting teacher/manager, but everybody wants her to work as a stripper, B-girl hustling drinks, prostitute, or minor player in XXX films.

Peeping in a Girl's Dormitory (2000) - William Hellfire

Tina Krause, who’s a teacher or something, leads Misty Mundae and Ruby LaRocca into their new flat, which looks like a house outside and like a basement inside. She gives them very strict rules : no smoking of any kind, no homosexual activity, well, everything that any good teacher would ask of her students in real life. Of course, as soon as she leaves, Misty and Ruby smoke a joint then proceed to make out on the bed. But, you see, Tina just pretended she left. So, after watching them for a while, she bursts on the scene and, in order to teach them the errors of their ways, forces them to disrobe then to take a bath and make out some more while she watches again.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sueca bisexual necesita semental (1982) - Ricard Reguant

Felipe is a man that loves life but unfortunately can not enjoy it fully, since an accident has left him stuck in a wheelchair. Simona, his wife, is a young and beautiful woman, very eager to be loved, something that Felipe can not satisfy, so she falls into the arms of her husband's secretary, a fascinating girl called Mirella.. (Synopsis taken from a Spanish online shop)

Classic of Spanish "S" cinema!

Virgin Dreams (1977) - Zebedy Colt

Nancy is a ripe young creature who has been left unfulfilled by all her sexual encounters. But in her voluptuous dream life, she roams from one carnal conquest to the next with the erotic talents of the most experienced vixen. From a ribald ride with a motorcycle stud to a bizarre encounter with her swinging parents, this sexy girl's mind takes some truly daring journeys. However, none of these flights of fancy can compare with her vision of an orgy where illusion and truth blend, leading to an unexpected purging of all her pent-up desires. In the end, Nancy discovers that real-life sex-- in all its diverse forms---beats the hell out of even the kinkiest VIRGIN DREAMS!

Chambres d'amis tres particulieres (1983) - Claude Bernard-Aubert

A couple arrives to an old Mansion which they inherited from their late aunt... and they soon arrive to find with the help of the house maid that the house is full of erotic tricks and voyeuristic gadgets what makes their inner animal instincts to flow...

Tapestry of Passion (1976) - Alan Colberg

Veteran director Bob Chinn gets credit, albeit likely more for his role as creator of the Johnny Wadd character and series than any actual input to the film in question. With the always stunning Leslie Bovee given a run for her money by the equally gorgeous Annette Haven, pretty Desiree West and even Thorpe’s Halloween dress-up domme providing sufficient aesthetic focus, the film is possessed of a more appropriate streetwise feel than the fairly iffy lead feature. Suffused with mood lighting and 70’s cop show trope and feel, Colberg graduates from the more static VFW Hall and hotel room filming of All Night Long to a far more location heavy, clearly cinematographic and more highly budgeted affair playing into and lending sufficient weight to Wadd’s tracking down of “sex ritual murderer” the “Black Widow”.

America così nuda, così violenta AKA Naked and Violent (1970) - Sergio Martino

Plot: Cult director Sergio Martino's mondo documentary unveils the problems of American society in the 70s: from racial persecutions to the depraved sexual habits of the middle class, from the drug market to illegal gambling.

Scoundrels (1982) - Cecil Howard

Cecil Howard's Scoundrels Darsteller: Ron Jeremy, Sharon Mitchell, R. Bolla, George Payne, Tiffany Clark, Ron Hudd, Tigr, Anna Turner, Marilyn Gee, Copper Penny, Lisa Be, Tammy Lamb, Ariel Lee

1984 AVN Award Winner For Best Film of The Year!

"Scoundrels" is the first movie to win Best Picture at the first ever AVN awards in 1984.

Scoundrels was called a "sexual masterpiece" by AVN founder Paul Fishbein. It also won Best Director and Best Editing after being nominated in all of the Major Film Categories that year. Acclaimed writer Anne Randall provided the screenplay for the film directed by Cecil Howard, the man Playboy called "The Grandmaster of Erotic Film making."

Scoundrels is an intelligent and ironic story of infidelity within the dysfunctional family of a psychiatrist. It was considered a milestone in erotic film making for it's ambitious and original approach to storytelling evoking pity and sympathy for it's tragic characters through masterfully directed "high-intensity sex scenes that worked on a conscious and subconscious level." (SIR Magazine) Rare and out of print for a long time, Scoundrels is an underrated classic from the Golden Age of adult film making. Cecil Howard considers the film "one of my greater achievements" and lead star Ron Jeremy remembers it as "Great! Abstract, esoteric, avant-garde"

Sissy's Hot Summer (1979) - Alan Colberg

Her day's were warm - but her nights were hot!
This story is an X-rated take-off of the hit T.V. series about three roommates, Sissy, Janet, and Jack.
Their coxy sexual threesome becomes endangered by eviction when they fall behind in the rent, so they must hustle the only thing they know how to do for money. What follows is a comical account of their sexual endeavors. Along the way, Jack and Janet meet a rich, kind socialite and a teenage hustler, while Sissy finds an eccentric playboy who thinks he's Tarzan and lives out his fantasy in the trees with her.
After a day filled with hot erotic escapades, these three roommates find enough money to pay the rent, and more than enough new sensual tricks to keep their threesome hot for a long time!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Body of Influence (1993) - Gregory Dark

Beverly Hills shrink Dr. Jonathan Brooks (Nick Cassavetes) seemingly has everything; wealth, a successful practice and a beautiful lawyer fiancée, Jennifer (Diana Barton). Brooks is helping his cop friend Harry Reams (Richard Roundtree) compile a psychological profile of a serial killer on the loose in L.A. Meantime, he starts treating an interesting new patient, Laura (Shannon Whirry), a shy woman who transforms under hypnosis into a completely different persona; the seductive Lana. A torrid affair takes place between the irresistible Lana and Brooks, but he gets more than he bargained for. Lana steals videotapes of 'sessions' the doctor has had with other patients and blackmails him with the damning evidence, while at the same time Harry Reams is getting closer and closer to identifying the serial killer.