Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Godson (1971) - William Rotsler

Info from Something Weird Video:
The Godson ("The Motion Picture Everyone's Been Waiting For... Except the Syndicate!") is a sordid Godfather retread by the late, great WILLIAM ROTSLER. It's a tangled tale of murder, betrayal, seduction, and naked hysteria. Prepare to enter a world of mutton chops and pinkie rings.
JASON YUKON stars as Marco, a tough-as-nails enforcer working for "The Organization," and the godson of crime boss Leo Rocca. Hellbent with ambition, nothing will stop Marco from attaining power. He learns the business by working for mafioso Mr. Danielli, a "greasy jerk" in control of the underworld's prostitution. To Marco¹s disgust, Danielli is also a sadist who specializes in disciplining his stable of hookers. Marco is ordered to give the S&M treatment to Lark (porn star ORITA DE CHADWICK). After some titty-twisting, they get horizontal.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Bad Girls for the Boys (1966) - William F. McGaha

Description: A rich swinging bachelor and his married friend escape to the country to avoid the women plaguing their lives.

La casa que arde de noche (1985) - René Cardona Jr.

Quote: A prostitute enters a brothel and establishes a rivalry disguised as affection with the old owner. She manages to take over the business and the old lady's lover. After disputes with her now lover, she leaves the brothel, only to find out the next day that the old lady has died. Then, due to a passionate outburst, the new owner sets fire to the brothel and dies along with her lover.

Supesharu ressun: Hentai sei-kyôiku AKA The Gods Have a Nervous Breakdown (1990) - Hisayasu Satô


 Quote: Lesbian-themed tale of a schoolgirl who entices her gullible (not to mention slightly warped) female teacher by positing that they are predestined to dance together on the day the world ends. The screenplay was titled “The Gods Have a Nervous Breakdown,” which should give some idea of the symbiotic descent into psychosexual dementia that ensues. Rei Takaki co-stars with Shoichiro Sakata and Asako Shirakawa.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Maitresses très particulières aka Jack 'n Jill (1980) - Claude Bernard-Aubert


 Very Particular Mistresses is a French pornographic film, released in French cinemas in 1980 under the signature of Burd Tranbaree (pseudonym of Claude Bernard-Aubert). It consists of scenes from an American film directed by Chuck Vincent and additional scenes shot in France. Synopsis: Didier and Estelle are a Parisian married couple in their thirties who spice up their sex life with role-playing games. During an evening with a couple of friends, they advise Didier to practice swinging to avoid falling into the routine. During a next dinner at the home of the couple of friends, despite their apparent embarrassment at the start, they indulge in a card game stripper, then come the wages which quickly turn into swinging. The couple will then multiply the adventures, going from surprises to surprises.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Booby Trap (1970) - Dwayne Avery

A crazed military explosives expert heads for Los Angeles with an RV full of explosives, intending to blow up a rock festival and kill all the "hippies". An army officer is sent to stop him.

L'amour de femme (1969) - Nick Millard

Whether you like Millard or not you must admit he developed a very unique style of film-making. He achieved exactly what he wanted. Low budget exploitation films that let him indulge his own kinks, that were moderately successful financially and allowed him to travel the world and make a decent living. What more could anyone want?